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This page contains the rules and sample mark up language to add your Christian or family centered web page to the ring. Basically, the rules are quite simple.

1. You cannot link your pages to anything that any person could consider offensive, particularly any pages showing nudity or partial nudity or pages that a child can not comfortably access.

2. All denominations are welcome so long as your page does not declare that your particular denomination is the "one" true denomination. The purpose of the ring is to minister to each other and to persons seeking Christ and not to demonstrate division within the body of Christ.

3. Your page cannot be linked to your personal sales page, i.e., if you sell Avon products or Machinery and a link to your sales page is on your submitted page, the link must be removed. The purpose of this ring is ministry and witness. This does NOT exclude pages who must display advertising banners in order to obtain and utilize web space. We are aware that certain free web space requires such banners and adds and these required adds or banners will not exclude your page. Links to sites selling Christian music, books, films, or toys, games and entertainment suitable for children to view are acceptable. Christian churches or ministries or non-profit organizations for whom donations may be sought are acceptable so long as funds are not sought for the purpose of prenatal testing, abortion, research on fetal tissue or any other organization seeking donations for similar purposes. Pages which contain acceptable information concerning donations, will only be added to the ring if requesting donations is not the major focus of your page.

4. Family pages are very welcomed. It is our goal to utilize the webring to demonstrate Christ in our daily lives. Photos of your family and children are a celebration of the gifts of God and we are delighted to welcome them.

5. This ring has 3 ring masters who will periodically check your links. If at any time your links change and something is added which violates the rules of this ring, your page will be moved into the que and you will be notified to remove said link before you can re-enter the ring.

6. This ring will be listed on ALL major search engines guaranteeing your page better viewing exposure.

7. There is no limit to the number of pages you may place in the ring. We encourage you to utilize your creative skills to create lively, upbeat, interactive pages representing true Christian faith and witness.

8. Pages for or by children are always welcomed.

9. You may select from simple text webring markup as demonstrated below or "framed" webring markup as demonstrated below. The animated doves do not necessarily have to be used on your page although you are welcome to use them if you choose the "framed" version of the markup language. Please indicate your preference by e-mail to Dixie Lawrence Tafoya. If you fail to choose within 48 hours, you will be reminded by e-mail. You may choose any image for the "framed" markup version that suits the theme of your personal page. If you would like to utilize the dove, please left click it, copy it, upload it to your site and insert it in your markup language. You will NOT have to edit your markup, we will edit it for you to include your pages personal ID and your name and e-mail address, but you will probably have to utilize the dove or any other image in the "framed" version from your site.

Thank you for reading these rules. If you are in agreement with them, you may proceed to fill in the appropriate form so that your page can be added to the ring. All qued pages will be examined and added within 48 hours of submission. We encourage you not only to link to pages of Christian witness, worship and encouragement, but to invite others to join in this endeavor to utilize this wonderful tool; the internet, to reach others for Jesus Christ.

Dixie, Estelle and Mike, Ring Masters

The following is a NON working example of simple markup ring language WITHOUT FRAMES:

This Christian Outreach Webring site is owned by Dixie Tafoya.
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The following is a sample of the framed markup for this webring. This example is FUNCTIONING and can be used to explore the rest of the webring.

Christian Outreach Webring
This Christian Outreach site
is owned by
Dixie Lawrence Tafoya.

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