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A Public Service Message
brought to you by the WebMagician

With God's help,
a loving couple
created this wonderful,
incredibly beautiful,
happy and healthy,
newborn baby boy !

So innocent, so trusting,
so completely helpless !
Wonderful Newborn Baby Boy

Because of ignorance,
society's indifference,
medical mis-information,
myths, and outright lies,
he's going to be turned
into this tortured little soul!
Circumcision = Male Genital Mutilation

Circumcision = Genital Mutilation = Child Abuse
Over 50% of infant boys born in North America are sexually mutilated every year. What's even more shocking, is that it's the babies' mothers and doctors who are responsible for this abuse.

The purpose of this website is to provide information about the horrific effects of male infant genital mutilation (euphemistically referred to as circumcision), so that we can end this barbaric violation of innocent children's bodies.

This website also provides information about the true nature and function of the male prepuce, and offers information to men who were circumcised at birth on how to 'recover' some of what's been stolen from them through a process known as 'nonsurgical foreskin restoration'.
Because the self-serving medical profession falsely portrays the mutilated (circumcised) penis as being the way God made it, virtually all medical textbooks are sorely missing true, factual information about the penis.

The following pages contain graphic images of the human penis and detailed descriptions of human sexuality.  The information is presented for the purpose of educating the reader.

Some of the pictures found herein are my own, others have come from a variety of sources and are presented under protection of the 'fair use' provisions of the Copyright Act. I have cropped and 'cleaned up' those which contained images of a non-medical nature. I have deliberately not used anyone's personal photos, other than my own, out of personal respect for privacy. If you wish to reuse any of the photos from the 'foreskin restoration' section, please respect my privacy and ask me first.

Please note:  If you're some kind of religious fanatic or anti-pornography zealot, be advised to take your crusades elsewhere.  ANY threats made to myself or my ISP will be met with swift and severe civil litigation brought to bear against you.  You have been duly warned.  This is the only warning you will receive.

Foreskin & Circumcision Information: The REAL Truth

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Angelfire I
le-Village   (en Français)
     Arrêtez l'abus sexuel d'enfant (la circoncision systématique des bébés mâles)
     Combattez enfant en bas âge mâle génitale mutilation (circoncision nouveau-né)

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