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Jason Williams Movies

A Highlight Film of Jason Williams in College
Chris Webber throws a betwwen the leg pass to Jason for the reverse layup
Jason goes fakes behing the back pass to himself and scores on a tight layup
Jason flips it to Wahad over his head to set Webber up for the dunk
Jason fakes the behind the back pass and pulls up to hit the jumper
Jason throws a nice pass to Abdul Wahad for the jam
Webber goes around the back to Jason who returns the no-look pass back to Webber
Jason leaves Payton in the dust on a crossover and finishes it with a runner over Shremph
Jason throughs a perfect alley-oop pass to Wahead on the break
Jason makes Stockton look silly on a crossover and pulls up for the three
Jason hits a long three in Jason Kidd's face
Jason throws a pass to Chris while laying on the floor for the dunk
Jason launches a 30ft bomb that hits nuthing but twine
Jason makes an incredable reverse layup
Jason fakes Brian Grant out of his shoes with a fake behing the bak pass.
Jason crosses over on Brandon
Jason nails the wide open three
Jason makes a 2 handed over the head bounce pass to Vlade in traffic
Jason fakes the shot and throws to Webber for the dunk
Jason throws the no-look pass to Wahad
Jason throws the under-hand pass to Webber for the dunk
Jason throws the long alley-oop pass to Wahad
Jason Williams freezes Detlef Schrempf with a behind-the-back pass and takes the wide open road to the bucket for the layup.
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