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Jason Williams

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Jason Williams Highlight Videos (1999-2000) Finally!!
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Jason Williams Pictures (1999-2000) Great Kings Site (Provided some of the pictures) Provide some videos & pictures
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How bout them Kings? They are in 1st place in the pacific. Incase u havent noticed this year, my man j-will hasnt been shootin those long threes as much. Good for him. He is still the human highlight real however, sorry domonique. I love the head band this year, looks hella pimp. I am thinking about wearing one in rec ball this year in dedication to him. Whats up with Peja this year. Who made him ball hog number one. I mean I know he can shoot, but when u are not hitting your shots, there is no need to be a ball hog. I love him though and he is awesome when he is makin them. Defense this year for the Kings is killer. J will has been hittin up in the weight room and it shows. I like his shot selection this year a lot more, a lot of driving with the medium range "j" mixed in with the ocassional bomb. He has really improved this year. He was going to be on the cover of the upcoming ESPN magazine (12/1 or something) but his dumb ass agent wouldn't let him. That would have been hella cool to finally have him on a cover. This year he has also added some new tatoos. My personal fav. being W-H-I-T-E B-O-Y printed across his knuckles. This year the Kings are going to be bomb. And look for new videos and pics on th site.

Tony Savio 12-5-00


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