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Schoenhut and other wooden dolls

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In the picture on the left are 3 of my favorite Schoenhut dolls. They are all early ones, 2 with the carved hair. The 2 on the right have been restored since the picture was taken. They date from 1911 to aprox. 1914. Schoenhut dolls were made in the US. Schoenhut dolls are all carved wood, and put together with heavy metal joints. They are jointed at neck, shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, knee and ankle. The joints are very strong, so if you pose them they hold the pose. There are holes in the feet, which fit on a little rod that was attached to a metal plate that served as a stand. These are very hard to find now, as are the original shoes.
The doll on the right does not belong to me, but I think she is just beautiful. I hope to own one like her some day.

These dolls from left to right are a #301 Emma, 310 Hannah and 300 who is now John Henry.

The doll on the right is a pouty face character, but unlike the first ones, this one is a bit later. Not as much detail in the carving of her face.

The dolls on the left are Dolfi, and were made in Italy. They were made in 1989 and 1990. The one on the right is a Melisse, sculpted by Maria Elena Bach in 1990. They are also all carved wood. They also are put together with metal springs, but not the same type. The joints are not as strong as Schoenhuts. They do not have jointed wrists or ankles. They are still lovely dolls.

This is how I display my Schoenhuts. They are in room settings. I love to take them out and play with them, and not just leave them on the shelf. That is the most wonderful thing about the Schoenhuts. Made in the US starting in 1911, they are made of wood with metal spring joints. They will stand on one foot, and they are so well constructed that they have already lasted through generations of children.

I finally got a wonderful 19" Schoenhut #405. He is named Matthew Gilbert.

Dorothy Jayne after her restoration. She's not perfect, but I love her!

4 of my Schoenhuts setting the mood for the holidays. Left to right they are John Henry, Mary Elizabeth, Nettie Louise, and Emma Kate.