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Schoenhut Doll Study

The Schoenhut Company started making dolls in 1911. These early dolls were called "The Graziano Year". The carved hair boys had numbers starting with 200. This example is a 16/201. Albert Edward.

The carved hair girls had numbers starting with 100. This pair are a 14/102 (Dorothy Jayne) and 16/102 (Haddasah).

A close-up of the 16" 102 with all original paint.

This happy little carved hair girl, Susan, is a 16/101. She is shown with a 16/301 and a 14/102 in their unrestored condition.

Another pouty face carved hair is Prudence Virtue, #14/105.

This shy little pair are the smallest of the Schoenhuts, at 11 inches. The one on the left is an 11/108 and the one on the right (Molly) is an 11/108W (for wigged)

Girls with wigs have numbers starting with 300. This is number 16/300.

Emma Kate is #16/301. I think she has one of the sweetest faces.

This is a 14/310. She is the one who is known to have "bee stung" lips.

Some of the hardest to find Schoenhuts were modeled after German bisque dolls. The original of this one is the K * R 101. Her number is 16/302. I call her Marie, because that is the name of the German one. I have repainted this one.

The most common is the 308. Common, maybe, but you won't see many prettier than this one (Patience Virtue). 14/308

One of the largest Schoenhuts is 22". This is Rebekah, # 22/308

Sophie Lynne Rose is a number 14/310. She has what is refered to as a "bee stung mouth".

This hard to find number is 14/311 (Mary Elizabeth Holiday).

The boys with wigs have numbers in the 400's. This one is the male version of the 300, and is #403 (John Henry).

This is Matthew Gilbert, #19/405, with Haddasah, #16/102.

Some of the kids all dressed up for Halloween!

Rooth's dolls at the Halloween party at Vallejo.

Alexandra, (19/308) and Rebekah, (22/308) having a tea party.

My dream doll, picture stolen from ebay, #16/106. This is the one the PO used for a model for their reproduction.