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My Favorite Ginnies

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Welcome to my Ginny page. I absolutely love Ginny. I will put a few of them here today, and I will add more in the near future. This is my favorite (today)!

Cheryl is a doll I have searched for a very long time. She is #44 from 1953. My DH gave her to me for my birthday last year!

These 3 are called Toddles. They are the composition dolls that preceded Ginny. On the left is a military man. He wears a pilots wings. Next to him is a real toddler, fresh from her box!!! The picture on the right is the Toddles version of Red Riding Hood.

These are the first hard plastic Ginnys. They have painted eyes. I am really partial to these babies. They have such pretty hair, and the lashes and brows don't seem to take on the "green" or "yellow" of the later sleep eyed dolls.

On the left is Alice in Wonderland from 1953. She is strung with painted lashes, and has one of the prettiest wigs I have seen on a Ginny.
On the right is also a strung, painted lash 1953 Ginny, but this outfit is not original to her. It is a little bit later. She is the first Ginny I ever bought.

On the left are two early clowns. The left one is a transitional 1950, recognizable for her pale coloring. The one on the right is a strung one from 1953. Her outfit is from 1956 and is missing the ruff from around her neck.
In the picture on the right are an ice skater and Lucy from 1953. Lucy is right out of her box.

This is a crib crowd Easter Bunny from 1950. Her ears are missing, but she is still a very desirable doll. She has bent limbs like a baby doll, and poodle hair.

On the left are my prize winners. They took a 3rd place ribbon at UFDC Reg. II conference in Sacramento in 1998.
On the right is a darling redhead also in an outfit borrowed from another time. She is actually another 1953 Ginny, but the dress is later. Not a good picture. I will replace it when I get a chance. Beautiful doll though.

On the left is a 1953 Carol with the ABC's around the hem of her skirt.
On the right is a 1950 clown. This is the 2nd picture of this doll, but I just love her, so you will have to look at her again!!

Ginny Pretty in Plaid on the left is a Members Only doll from the Ginny Doll Club.
Ginny Hot Chocolate is ready for a cup of cocoa on her way to bed!

Above is a group of newer Ginny Dolls.