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Bleuette was born in France in 1905. They were originally a premium given to little girls for selling the magazine Le Semaine de Suzette. They sold 20,000 of them the first year. They could not keep up with orders, so other companies were contracted to make Bleuette after that. Bleuette is either 27 cm or 29 cm tall. She will always have a jointed body, including jointed wrists, and always 4 teeth.

This is my Premiere Jumeau Bleuette, Jolie Janae. I am showing her inside the trunk from Cracker Barrel Country Store. That is a great way to display your dolls.

This doll is an SFBJ 60, made in 1926. I believe her wig to be original. The little swimsuit is from Global, but so cute on Cherish, I just had to show her!!

This is an SFBJ 60 (Cherish again) on the right, and a UNIS 60 on the left. I just acquired the UNIS 60. She is harder to find than the SFBJ 60, and I think she is very special! Her name is Fantine, and I call her Fanny.

These dolls are what we call a New Generation Bleuette. Bliss is not a true reproduction, because she has green eyes and freckles, which the antique Bleuettes never had. Ticey is the dark skin doll. There were never any of those made either, during Bleuette's hayday! When we let our imaginations take flight, we call the resulting doll a New Generation, and love them all the same!!

These are 3 of the Bleuette faces. L to R, Premiere, SFBJ60 and SFBJ251.

These are Bleuettes that I have made. These have been sold, but I can make one to order. Email me for information.

This is the doll of my dreams!!! She is an SFBJ 251 Bleuette. I do not own her, but hope to have one some day!! She is the exception to the 4 teeth rule. She only had 2 teeth. The head was originally made to be on a baby body, was was not a success, so they began to put the head on a Bleuette body. She is very highly sought after, and very pricey!!

This little girl is one that I made, but all her clothes and accessories were made by Agnes Sura of Bleuette's World fame!! We are both members of Le Salon de Bleuette on Yahoo, and we just had an accessory exchange. I was gifted with this wonderful outfit!! She even made the wonderful espadrilles!! If you are interested in joining the Salon, here is a link. Le Salon de Bleuette

To see the activities of a group of Bleuette collectors in New Mexico, Click Here

Here are some clothes available for Bleuette.

The two dresses above are from Global and are 25.00 each.

The dress on the left is a hand made from wool felt and is 35.00. The one on the right is also hand made from repro vintage fabric and is 25.00.

The dress above is from Monique and is 15.00.

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