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My Antique Dolls

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These are a few of my favorite dolls. I have been collecting them for almost 25 years. I hope you enjoy looking at them.

These little ones are my very favorite of my collection of all bisque. They all 5 have swivel necks. The two in front are french with painted eyes. They are called "blue shoes" for obvious reasons. The little boy in the crocheted suit, has set glass eyes. He is probably Simon & Halbig. The girl beside him is French. She also has set glass eyes. All of these 4 are in original clothing and excellent condition. The one in the back looks like an early Kestner. Her hair is a mess, and her clothes are not orig. She has sleep glass eyes, and square cut teeth in her open mouth.

Hilda is made by J.D. Kestner in Germany after 1909. My favorite antique baby of all time.

I particularly like pairs of dolls. The ones in the back are Kestner 171, known as "Daisy". The large babies are also Kestner, known as "Baby Jean". The pair in gold are Bahr and Proschild. The tiny babies, are again, Kestner, and the chinese pair are German made Chin Chins made by Gebruder Heubach.

These are more like ladies rather than the babies or children we so often see. The one on the left is a french fashion by Gaultier referred to as an "FG". She has a swivel head on a shoulder plate on a leather body. Her upper arms and legs are metal covered in kid leather. She has beautiful paperweight eyes.

The one on the right is german. She is a Simon and Halbig 1159. She is often seen dressed as a flapper, but mine is wearing the dress she wore when I bought her.