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About Me

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Name: Sadie
Real Name: (O_o)

Birthdate: June 1st, 1982
Birthplace: Oakland, CA (But I grew up in Berkeley)
Astrological Sign: Gemini
Chinese Sign: Dog
Blood Type (in case you find me run over by a car and bleeding to death someday): O+

Favorite Singers: T.M. Revolution! (duh), UA, Chara, and Cocco

Favorite Bands: L'Arc~en~Ciel, V6, Ulfuls, KinKi Kids

Favorite Bands/Singers Who Speak English: Pearl Jam, Ben Folds Five, Radiohead, silverchair, Frank Sinatra, Charles Aznavour, Weezer, Sublime, Everclear, Cake, Rancid, Nirvana, Nerf Herder, the Police, MxPx, War, KiSS, Cyndi Lauper, Violent Femmes, Madonna, MORRISSEY, the Cure, Spacehog, Utada Hikaru, Tripping Daisy, Ozma, Save Ferris, Bracket, the Beatles, Lou Reed, Blur, Gorillaz, Counting Crows, Sponge, Pulp, Better Than Ezra, Blind Melon, Talking Heads, Jawbreaker, NIN, Metallica (in concert), Bush (old), Heath Ledger, Jason Scwartzman, Phantom Planet, Hayden, Ash, DJ Keoki, Fountains of Wayne, Reel Big Fish, Further Seems Forever, Curious Yello, Semisonic, Soundgarden, STP, Toadies, Smiths, Vandals, Alice in Chains, and many many more

Favorite Actors: Michael J. Fox, Heath Ledger, Amber Benson, Ewan McGregor, Jason Schwartzman, Everyone on Buffy, Everyone on Angel, Nicole Kidman, Devon Sawa, Kirsten Dunst, Mel Gibson, Sean Connery, Thora Birch, Kevin Spacey, Drew Barrymore, Lisa Kudrow, Sigourney Weaver, Oliver Platt, Seth Green, Kevin Smith, Chris Kattan, Molly Shannon, Will Smith, Ethan Embry, Rory Cochrane, Jason London, Matthew McConaughey, Harrison Ford, Haley Joel Osment, Bruce Willis, Chara, Tadanobu Asano, Andre Braugher, Susan Sarandon, David Arquette, various James Bonds, Brad Renfro, Shizuka Kudo, John Laroquette and the cast of Night Court, Lucy Lawless, John Travolta, Brendan Fraser, Pauly Shore, and many many more

Favorite Color: Orange
Favorite Animal: Pig, mouse
Favorite Food: Okonomiyaki, Oyakodon, my mom's curry rice (there is no other), Crunky
Dog: Schatzi, a miniature dachshund (THE most annoying dog in the world), Snooty Buttoo (the wonder dog), Zelda (her stupidity knows no bounds)
Cat: My cute grey striped cat Papi, Aska the Tiny Cat
Hamster: FloJo, Frances
and some tiny goats (they're tiny!)
Facts: I have cute friends and I bake. I also like to dress up.