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High Pressure: T.M. Revolution

Hello, I am Sadie. This is my webpage. I worked really hard and did it all by myself (I'm so proud!!!). You should check up every once in a while, because this page will be updated sometimes (I'm still working on it). T.M. Revolution is one of my most favorite people in the entire world! His real name is Takanori Nishikawa and he is a very famous and cute Japanese pop singer. I think this will end up being a page of stuff that I like, instead of just TMR and J-Pop.

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My best friend, Julie, is leaving for a far away college tomorrow and I'm going to SF State. TM has a remix album out now, sort of a new spin on the "best album" idea. And Stephen, if you're reading this, I'll see you soon. When does Japanese school start?

So his name is T.M. Revolution again. Aren't we all glad? He's been releasing some singles ("HEAT CAPACITY" and a remix of "BLACK OR WHITE"). I hope we're all being good fans and purchasing copies? In other news... I went to the Weezer concert in Sacramento. And I am now a BIG fan of the opening band, Ozma. Visit their website and discover their coolness. Support them and you get a brownie point.

Alright, so I've been busy, ok? I have a 25-page research paper due in a week and I haven't even started yet. But on the up-side, my school chorus group is doing "Book Report" from "Your A Good Man Charlie Brown" in our year-end performance. AND I get to be Charlie Brown!!! This is like a super dream come true! I just wish I could sing better because then it might be good for other people besides myself. But, oh well. We also might sing the "You'll Be in My Heart" song from Tarzan with me singing parts from the Japanese version (by Masayuki Sakamoto from V6). There's not much info on TM lately. He released another album and a music clips video a while ago, but there hasn't been much news since. For information on the Charlie Brown play, here is a cool site.

It is very sad that I have been putting things off for so long. But it just proves that I am the procrastination queen. It seemed like time I wrote something new on this page.I was sick during Xmas, but that didn't matter much because Xmas is like Valentine's Day to Japanese people and I didn't have a date. New Year's was cool. No big explosions or anything.(yay!) And on Jan. 6th I went to the V6 winter concert final! It was so much fun and I have a new appreciation for Ken-chan, who is adorable beyond words. (Of course I'm still Inocchi's no.1 fan).(And let's not forget TMRe, for that matter).(there are too many pop stars in this world ...)

Halloween is coming up. If I can get out of the house, I'm running off to a party dressed like a ko-gal. IF I can get out of the house. I just bought an old Michie CD for \230. Coolness. I've been walking around humming "Fiance ni Naritai" and every once in a while there are spontanious dance numbers. You guys all have to watch the drama "Psychometrer Eiji 2" because my beloved Inocchi(from V6) is SUPER kakkoii in it. It's also pretty interesting, but that's beside the point. The manga is cool too. Anyway. Enough for today. There hasn't been much TMRe news lately, so I had to talk about something......fiance ni naritai....

Did everyone watch TM on Hey Hey Hey on the 20th? It was sooooo funny. But I won't repeat anything he or DownTown said for fear of sounding dirty.

The new single is called "GEKKOH", which means "moon rainbow" or something.

There is a new TMRe single out on September 21st. That's all I know for now.

I saw it! I finally got to see Star Wars. And what's more is while I was hanging out in Utsunomiya, I found a Luis-Mary CD. Yes! This is so cool! I also found a copy of the T.M. Revolution comic book "Joker." For one day, the world was all right.

Grrr. I can't upload with this crappy school computer. And some of my links are out of date. This is very annoying. But soon everything will be OK. For me, that is. I tried soooo hard to get tickets to TM's musical, but it was sold out in like a day, I think. The line was busy the whole time. BUT I did score tickets to see Episode I: The Phantom Menace. I'm going to go today for the sneak preview. We'll see if me and my friend can get in...I think I'm a little too excited. Lately I've been running around school having lightsaber battles with invisible Darth Somethings (complete with sound effects by me) and scaring my friends with impressions of Vader ("LUKE! I am your father!") etc. Maybe after I watch the movie I'll calm down a little. Please excuse this non-TMRe rambling.

WOW!!! 1,000 hits! Cool! I know that's not a lot, but I'll get excited anyway. Well, I turned 17 and the world didn't blow up or anything, so I guess I'm ok. Nishikawa-kun's new project is called:
the end of genesis T. M. R. evolution turbo type D

No, no. That's not gonna be hard to remember at all...(sarcasm) Oh, hey, if you see a group of gaijin walking around in Utsunomiya wearing neon afro wigs and singing something like the theme from "Shaft", that's probably me and my friends.

All right! Finally with the e-mail! Well, it has been hard, but I won't bore you. If someone actually does want to know about my life you can always e-mail me or check my profile. This is a T.M.R. fanpage after all. Speaking of which, BIG NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nishikawa-kun married Yumi from Puffy on the 2nd of April! CONGRATULATIONS!!! They make the cutest couple. They sent a fax to the media, and an adorable picture which I can't find anywhere. Also he quit being T.M. Revolution. But, don't worry, he'll continue to sing under a different name. I guess I can deal with that. Nishikawa-kun will also be in a Japanese production of "The Little Shop of Horrors" musical!

Hey there. I'm leaving for Japan tomorrow! So the site won't be updated for a few weeks. Also, save your e-mails until I update again, because it will take a while to set up a new address. I am staying in Japan for a year as an exchange student! Wow I'm excited! I'll put up pictures of my family and school soon. Well, I'm off as of 8:30 AM tomorrow. (^_^)

I updated What's New again.

I updated What's New

The Force was released today in Japan! There's a clip from the album on the What's New page.

I added translations of some of Chara's Junior Sweet album.

DIVE TO BLUE is translated! I got tired of waiting around for someone else to do it.

I added some songs from Chara's "Junior Sweet" album to the romanization section. What's New is updated.

Check my profile, it's updated.

Happy Valentine's Day! Everyone needs to go out and rent "Picnic" starring Chara. Here is a picture of TMR on the cover of Pati Pati. And here's another.

I've updated the Michie page. There's a couple new pictures and stuff now. I also added some romanized songs from Tomoe Shinohara's album, Megaphone Speaks, to the translations page. You can probably look forward to seeing some TMR translations in the near future.

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