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BMW "R" BIKES FROM 1970-1995

diode board front view

The diode board is an integral part of the electrical charging system. On the "R" bikes it is located inside the front engine case and is subject to heat and vibration. This is a very hostile location for an electrical device of this type and can cause premature failures if the device is not specifically designed for this environment.


The aftermarket diode board being offered here is constructed using rugged components and construction techniques that are specifically designed for harsh environments. It is a total redesign not a copy of the original part. The printed circuit board material is heat resistant epoxy. All mechanical connections to the board are rivetted and soldered. The diode module itself contains its own integrated aluminum heat sink. It is reasonable to expect that this unit will never fail. diode board rear view

The board is fully compatible with the original and requires no mechanical or electrical modifications. In addition, an additional ground terminal and connecting wire is supplied to overcome some of the grounding problems found on the existing system.

The board is supplied with complete installation instructions and pictures to even make installation by the novice a simple matter. In addition, we are always available to answer any questions you may have.

Each unit comes with a 6 month warranty. For price and ordering information click here.

If you have questions regarding this or any other product or service please contact us.


WARRANTY - the big picture

This board comes with a 6 month free replacement warranty. This means that if the board should fail within 6 months from the date of purchase during normal use we will replace it free of charge. We can not replace boards that appear to be damaged from misuse or incorrect installation. We cannot accept responsibility for damage to any other electrical or mechanical components as a result of incorrect installation or use. It is up to you to read and understand the installation instructions before installing the board.

We want you to be 100% happy with your purchase. If you have any trouble installing this product please contact us.

Click here for ordering information.

Click here for complete installation instructions

Last update: 03/26/02