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Hanson Facts

Hanson is the secondest largest muscial act to come from Tulsa! Garth Brooks is the first.

Taylor, Isaac, and Zac love diet soda!

The boys once did 21 interviews in one day!

Back in Tulsa, the brothers H have turned their garage into a practice studio and covered the walls with murals they drew themselves!

When they first formed a musical group, they were known as The Hanson Brothers, then changed their name to The Hansons, and then finally just Hanson!

Before they were writing songs about love and friendship, they wrote cute songs about frogs and ants!

Boomerang and MMMBop were Hansonís two independent albums, recored before Mercury Records sign a contract with them for 6 albums!

On the inside cover of MMMBop are drawings done by Isaac, Taylor, and Zac of funny faces, dinosaurs, a drum set, and other neat stuff!

Hanson did a milk add where they all featured little white mustaces above their lips!

Except for their dad, Walker, every member of the Hanson family has really blonde hair!

At one time in their life, the Hanson family owned six cats, but that was because one of them had five kittens!

Zac loves skateboarding!

Ike doesn't sport a lot of jewelry, instead he perfes wearing a silver ring on his left hand and a watch!

Hanso always bring a journal with them on the road to record events, thoughts, or ideas for songs so they don't forget them!

Thinking Of You only took a half hour to write!

MMMBop was originally going to be a background for another song on Boomerang but they boys say it developed its own personality!

The first song the boys remember singing togwther was Billy Joel's For The Longest Time!

Diana, the Hanson mom, homeschools every one of her 7 children!

The first official Hanson song evr written was Rain Falling Down by Isaac when he was 8!

When the guys first started performing they actually wore matching outfits and crew cuts!