On 12-7-20, House Resolution 512 - Global Repeal Of Blasphemy Laws, was passed.
The final roll call was 386 to 3
These idiots voted against it:

Chip Roy Texas (TX) Republican
Andy Biggs Arizona (AZ) Republican
Thomas Massie Kentucky (KY) Republican

Let's be sure to vote these pieces of crap out of office next time around.

By Lucas & Joel, to help you track hurricanes and

gather info about the ocean - surf, tides, temps, etc..

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DEMI says... We need surf!

Team Hollow Photo Page

*Accuweather Hurricane Info Page

*National Hurricane Center tropical prediction page

*Hurricane and Tropical Storm tracking page - Pacific / Atlantic

*Caribbean Hurricane Network

*WeatherNet Tropical Page

**The Best Satellite Images Page

*Operational Significant Event Imagery - Very Cool

*Surfline - Live video feeds - Surf Reports

*Orange County Register Ocean Page - Extended surf report\forecast for Orange County

*Custom surf report - Well done... Central coast to San Diego

*California coastal buoy reports - active NOAA and CDIP buoys listed

**Swell direction forecast maps - Up to 144 hrs. forecasting

*So. Cal. swell model

* What kind of swell does your beach like? - So. Cal. only

* Hurricane Names


*Hurricane City - For the East Coast guys

*KABC Doppler7000

*Realtime Doppler Radar Loop for So. Cal.

Animated satellite of West Coast US

*Global Analysis Wave Map

*National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

*Mammoth Mountain Homepage

*Mammoth Lakes Weather page

Bodysurfing Headquarters @ bodysurf.net

The Surfrider Foundation

*The Alt. Surfing HomePage

The California Museum of Surfing

El Porto Surf Site - Very cool photo section

Surfers Village - Surf News and Cool Pics

*Surf Guru - Another good site for surf resources - mostly East Coast

Surfing in Ireland - and you thought it was cold here...

** Need Gear? Check out FATWEAR online.. The Real Thing!

Surfer Magazine online

SoulSurfing Magazine - Online

*Check out Nirve.com... Home of NirveTV

*The Weather Channel Home Page

Interactive Weather Information Network

*Geo-Orbital Earth Satellite Headquarters (GOES)

*The Weather Underground - International goodies...

Divers Alert Network

*Realtime weather data and ski info for Mammoth area

*Earthquake activity in US - Realtime updates

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