Van Halen Tour Books

A Van Halen tour book collection isn't too tough to complete, since there is a relatively small number to track down. I've completed my collection over the years by ordering them from the now-defunct Van Halen Fan Club Store, the current, and from concerts I've attended. Check out for more pictures on most of the tour books.

Note: There were no tour books issued for the 1991-93 For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge/Live: Right Here, Right Now or the 2004 The Best Of Both Worlds tours. Also, Van Halen's first tour in 1978, in which they were mostly an opening band, did not produce an official tour book, although VH is featured on a couple of pages in the 1978 Black Sabbath tour book. Van Halen did headline some shows in Japan during June 1978, which did produce a rare tour book that I was able to track down on eBay - definitely the toughest to find in the lot.

                click to view 1978 Van Halen I Tour (Japan)
                click to view 1979 Van Halen II Tour

                click to view 1980 Women And Children First Tour

                click to view 1981 Fair Warning Tour

                click to view 1982 Diver Down Tour

                click to view 1983 US Festival

                click to view 1984 Tour

                click to view 1986 5150 Tour

                click to view 1988 OU812 Tour

                click to view 1995 Balance Tour

                click to view 1998 Van Halen III Tour

                click to view 2013 A Different Kind Of Truth Tour (Japan)

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