Van Halen DVDs

(official & unofficial)

Van Halen has released only two official concert DVDs - Live Without A Net (1986) and Live: Right Here, Right Now (1993) - but collectors have had access to quite a few bootleg concerts, as well, although most are from the Van Hagar era. Obviously, the quality on these bootlegs isn't always the greatest, but until Van Halen opens its vaults and releases old concerts on CD and DVD, these bootlegs will have to do.

I can't seem to find a Web site that lists all of the available Van Halen bootleg DVDs. Odd ones periodically appear on eBay, and that's where I've picked up most of these.

Note: I was in attendance for the June 2004 concert DVD in Washington, DC. My buddy Tim Randolph and I had front row seats for that one. Check out my Van Halen Miscellaneous page for a scan of the ticket stub. I also saw the 1986 MTV Unleashed - Rockumentary being filmed in San Diego over a couple of evenings in late June 1986, at the same time I got my Red Devil II guitar signed by EVH. Read about that event at my Behind The Guitars - Red Devil II page.

                click to view Eruption! The VH Media Collection 1977-85* (promos/videos/interviews 1977-85)
                click to view The Early Years*
(promos/videos/interviews 1977-85)
                click to view 7879*
(September 22, 1978/May 14, 1979)
                click to view Invasion Compilation*
(promos/videos/live St. Paul, MN 1980-81)
                click to view Memphis 1981*
(September 1, 1981)
                click to view Live In Largo, MD*
(October 12, 1982)
                click to view Edward Van Halen Rare Appearances*
2DVD (1983-99)
                click to view Buenos Aires '83*
(February 11, 1983)
                click to view Live At The US Festival*
2DVD (May 29, 1983)
                click to view click to view Rape Of The Vaults Vol. I-II*
2DVD (Panama/Jump video out-takes 1983)
                click to view Assaults The Montreal Forum*
(April 19, 1984)
                click to view Live Without A Net
(May 14, 1986)
                click to view Inside 5150 Studio
(studio demos/videos/interviews 1984-93)
                click to view Unleashed - MTV Rockumentary
(videos/interviews 1986)
                click to view Live In Tokyo*
(February 1, 1989)
                click to view Dallas Free Show*
(December 4, 1991)
                click to view Live In Cabo 1992*
(May 21, 1992)
                click to view Live: Right Here, Right Now
(May 14-15, 1992)
                click to view Live In Toronto 1995*
(August 18, 1995)
                click to view Video Hits Volume I
(videos 1984-98)
                click to view Concord, CA Pavilion*
(July 7, 1998)
                click to view The VH Story ~ The Early Years
(interviews 1980-2003)
                click to view Live In Washington, DC*
(June 25, 2004)
                click to view Wachovia Center, Philadelphia*
(October 1, 2007)

* denotes unofficial (bootleg) DVD

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