Van Halen Bootleg CDs

I've been collecting Van Halen bootlegs since the early 1980s, but since the mid-90s, I've been tracking down their "unofficial releases" on CD. Of course, eBay is a great place to find them. My goal is to get at least one from each tour and I'm also after the really old stuff, pre-1978 before they were signed. Quite a few of the CDs are original pressings, but some are copied CDRs (noted with blue CDR). I've even made a few of the inserts and back covers myself. Over time, I'm attempting to replace the CDRs with originals, when at all possible. By far, the best resource to actually know what boots are even out there is, although I have managed to acquire some recordings that this site doesn't even list!

Note: I was actually in the front row, Eddie's side, for the San Diego Sports Arena - May 21, 1984 concert CD. Check out my Van Halen Miscellaneous page for a scan of the ticket stub and my Van Halen Photos for the pictures my buddy Dave Pritchard took that night - what a show!

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Van Halen Bootleg CDs - 1978-84

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