Psycho Smith's Liquid Cattle Prod Hot Sauce

                               WARNING: This stuff is freakin' hot! Recipe makes about 16 cups!!

                ~WHAT YOU'LL NEED~

                3 - 26 oz. cans of Goya Whole Tomatillos
                1 - 5 oz. bottle of Tabasco Green Pepper Sauce
                1 - 17.6 oz. bottle of Goya Salsa Verde
                2 medium white onions
                3 fresh garlic cloves
                2 limes
                3 bunches of fresh cilantro
                20 jalapeno peppers
                20 green serrano peppers
                8 long green hot peppers
                2 green bell peppers
                2 poblano peppers
                2 tablespoons of crushed red pepper
                1 teaspoon of salt
                2/3 cup of apple cider vinegar
                a blender!

                               DISCLAIMER: All of these ingredients will not fit into a typical blender at one time
                               so you'll have to blend it in "shifts."
                               Or, just downsize the recipe by 1/2 or 1/4.


                ~Wash all of the peppers (jalapenos, green serranos, long green hots, bells, poblanos) and the cilantro.
                ~Open the Goya cans of tomatillos and pour contents into the blender.
                ~Add in the bottle of Goya salsa verde with:
                               -the chopped-up white onions
                               -the garlic cloves - NOT whole garlics
                               -chopped-up jalapenos
                               -chopped-up green serranos
                               -chopped-up long green hots
                               -chopped-up bells
                               -chopped-up poblanos
                               -chopped-up cilantro (not the stalks!)
                               -salt, green Tabasco, apple cider vinegar, and the crushed red peppers
                               -limes (not the peels!)
                ~Set the speed of the blender to your corresponding desired 'chunkiness' of the salsa/sauce.
                ~You're done!

                               REMEMBER: The sauce is always the hottest when it's fresh ...
                               Make sure to refrigerate your creation (of course, you can freeze it, too!)

             Now try it RED !!!