1982 Floyd Rose Restoration Prototype

My take on a Schaller Floyd Rose FRT-3 with Divebomb Inc. FRT-1 saddles and a retro arm.

  • 1976-78 - Floyd Rose designed and created the first locking tremolo prototypes
  • 1979-80 - FRT-1 no FR logo, hump saddles, no fine tuners, around 50 made in the USA and went to the well-known guitarists at the time (Edward Van Halen, Neal Schon, Brad Gillis, Randy Hansen, etc.)
  • 1981 - FRT-1 made by Fernandes in Japan
  • 1982 - FRT-2 Fernandes: string-through version of the FRT-1
  • 1982 - FRT-3 Fernandes: re-designed saddles for the FRT-1 with Floyd Rose logo
  • 1982 - FRT-4 Fernandes: vertical fine tuners added in late 1982
  • 1983 - FRT-5 mostly same as the current "Original" model; manufactured first by Fernandes, then Schaller (via Kramer), with Hansen MetalWorks USA making some in early 1983 (off-centered Floyd Rose logo) as the Schaller factory ramped up to produce; these early 1983 models are also known as the "Whale Tail"
  • 1983 - Schaller begins making both the "FRT-5" (w/ fine tuners) and the "FRT-3" (no fine tuners) for Kramer
  • TODAY - the German-made "Original" model still produced by Schaller as just the "FRT"
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1982 Fernandes Floyd Rose prototype example
1983 Schaller Floyd Rose example, pre fine tuners
1979 refurbished prototype example on the EVH Bumblebee guitar
EVH in 1981 with Floyd Rose prototype, which was the year before fine tuners were introduced and Floyd Rose signed with Kramer
Brad Gillis (Night Ranger) was an early Floyd Rose adopter
chrome-plated Floyd Rose "non-fine tuner" plate with Cara Hot Rod Guitars V1 custom prototype Gillis NFT stainless steel saddles with Period Correct Guitar Parts steel "T-block" insert blocks and Divebomb retro arm
bottom of the Cara V1 saddles, labeled 1, 2, 3 for height
Made in W. Germany decal on the sustain block
new black steel Floyd saddle intonation hex screws
new black steel 8-32 1" string lock hex screws
new stainless steel 8-32 hex nuts
Made in Germany 1983 plate
unplated stainless steel Divebomb retro Floyd arm
vintage German R2 locking nut (1.7) that can only be mounted with the through-the-neck screws
stored in a sturdy Schaller tuners box

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