1984 Ibanez Destroyer DT150

---purchased: acquired via trade from Guitar Center, San Diego (employee) for used Gibson Firebird (1987)
---owned: 1987-1998
---disposition: trashed body (1998)
---disposition reason: wanted neck for another project; body routed too much
---part(s) kept: neck; Jackson pickup; Floyd Rose
---related picture(s): with others (2nd from right), circa 1987 - with onboard DOD Delay pedal, circa 1998 - the original Ibanez neck plate (#A842915) - how the DT150 looked when I first got it
---related guitar(s): Ibanez Bolt - EVH 80 Star - 1967 Gibson Firebird
---notes: added Floyd Rose immediately after purchase in 1987 (installed by Mark McClinton); also immediately replaced stock Ibanez pickup with Jackson J-90, sanded down the back of the neck (a lot!), and routed body face for Strat jack cup; routed body for on-board DOD FX90 Delay pedal around 1995; used Ibanez neck on Ibanez Bolt after trashing body in 1998; used Floyd Rose on EVH 80 Star; regrettably sold Jackson pickup on eBay

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