14 Reasons

from the 2010 Del Lowell & the SMITHTONES CD, Winner Winner Chicken Dinner
(3:27) music and lyrics written and recorded by D.Smith,
except end instrumental segment written by Paich ("I'll Supply The Love")
originally recorded by Toto - Toto (1978)

Tell me what to do
What's inside of you?
Take my precious gold
And leave me all alone

Are you dying, too?
What's inside of you?
The devil and some stones?
This peace you have at home?

And you can't say I failed you
And you can't say I lied
And you can't stay forgiven
And you can't save this night

So are you dying, too?
And what's inside of you?
Go back across the sea - please
Don't take it out on me

1978 Toto [end instrumental segment]
2010 Smithtone

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