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Paintings with their frames are for sale. Telephone, 858.576.2143 or write:
Wesley M. Farmer at 3591 Ruffin Road 226 San Diego, CA 92123.
Check out the fine art for sale, at the Off Track Gallery, Lumberyard, Encinitas, CA 92024.

91. Color photograph on transparent acetate. The frame material is a recycled computer monitor. Made a frame for it of wood, the transparency is of a Red Squirrel. Chose for the luminosity qualities behind the working images on the monitors screen. Dimensions are: 25.5" by 22 3/8" diagonal:25.5 Price for this work of art is 675.

90. This oceanic rock is off China Point south of Ensenada and Punta Banda, Baja. California sea lions and a few Brant's Cormorants are resting upon it. The surge of the ocean wave rises up the western side of the rock. Sea cliffs and mountains are in the distant. Oil Painting on stretched linen. 30" by 47"; for sale.

89. Round Stingray Urolophus helleri. A life size replica of the fish. Mixed media. And it is for sale good for educational reasons describing the poison barb on top of tail. Reasonable price at 175.

88. A WALK ON THE BEACH by Wes Farmer. Acrylic_scratch on board 12" by 15" framed. for sale at 375.

87. Pen and Ink drawing of the beach looking south along the sea cliff. from Castro's fish Camp, Baja California. For sale should any one like the original illustration.

86. SMILE is made of fluid carton caps. It is 24.5" by 18.5" by an inch, framed.price 125.00

84. Trap Door Spider watercolor, second place award at Off Track Gallery. 11 by 14 on Strathmore paper, framed 18.5" by 22.75" Price:375. (reminder to repair this specific show)BR>

83. Title of this work is TICKETS. The smaller gourds are in line to buy a ticket. There is an Offtrack Gallery business card held in place by its lips. These gourds could brings smiles and comments. Price: 275.

82. This original acrylic painting on foam board has crackled. The painting was given an HONORABLE MENTION at the Offtrack Gallery and is for sale from 31 May to 28 JUNE. You could buy it there or through this web site. Was scuba diving at the Cove in La Jolla, CA and remembered what was going on with the algae (currents) and the school of sardines plus the Kelp Bass and Sargo trying to hold their place in the strong current under the giant kelp in order to paint it after diving. Feeding on rocks below are a couple Garibaldi. This fish species is the state of California's official marine fish. Price s work of art is_593_.

81. A Pacific White-Sided Dolphin was caught in the air with a Panasonic Lumix 12x Optical Zoom digital camera. This was while fishing out from Castro's Fish Camp in Baja. Thought you might enjoy the image. Marine mammal in action, most of the time in the water, some of the times out of the water! Did you enjoy seeing this full grown Dolphin? Perhaps you might want to capture such an image with your photographic equipment!

80. The Cove an oil painting via palette knife on stretched canvas. An en plain air painting dimensions are, 22" by 28", asking 875.

79. Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve TRAIL TO LODGE, an oil painting,38" by 58",on stretched canvas. has a roadrunner in the painting. 4,550.

78. SOLD

77. A murmuration of starlings flying together as if a school of sardines all balled together. When thousands of these birds gather they seem to fly as one organism usually all birds are flying withing their own space. Might see a bird or two trying to get back with the rest of the flight. Pen and ink on Strathmore Bristol smooth finish 100 pound 9 by 12 unframed 145.

71. A group of JACK-O-LANTERN MUSHROOMS at the base of a tree that is on the edge of a road cut. The acrylic is on canvas board, 11 by 14. unframed at 308 dollars.

70. Group of five mushrooms at base of Eucalyptus tree. Photogenic group of color and togetherness. Hope you enjoy seeing this, sharing what caught my eye in looking for mushrooms to capture via digital camera.

69. Title is: TWINNED TURKEY TAIL. This turkey tail mushroom is mirror image. The bracket mushroom is hard and woody and has these growth rings along the edge as it grows. A photograph tweeked! Enjoy! viewing, just playing some. Wes

68. Title is: WILD BAJA an original en plein air acrylic painting. The beach is a bit north of Castro's Fish Camp on the beach from Santo Tomas south of Ensenada, Mexico. There are cretaceous fossils in some of the rocks. It is 16" long by 20" wide.
Price: 640.

67. Title is: HEDGEHOG GOURD. Saw the gourd at the Welburn Gourd Farm in Fallbrook during their annual fair. The gourd had a clear muzzle for the head and the body covered with all the turnbuckles. Suppose it could look like any other kind a mammal but chose the hedgehog instead. the tail, legs, and ears are all made of the small gem gourds. It is 14" long by 6" wide and 6.5" high.
Price: 300.

66. Title is: LEO HORSEMAN BEDROOMS BUILDING (Leo Carrillo Ranch). An acrylic painting on Canvas board that is 16 by 20". The ranch has a population of Peacocks. The day in July, 2009 when painting this En Plein Air, the children in the park were collecting a good number of shed tail feathers. The feather in the foreground suggests that and also helps the viewer wonder and think more into the past life of the feather. It is a bit distracting from the overall image since the eye tends to look at it place several times. A good thing in my mind. Enjoy!
Price: 640.

65. Title is: RING AROUND LAKE POWELL, it is painted on Masonite and framed. Dimentions are: 30.75" by "30.75. The ring made by the leaching of the desert varnish from the sandstones. To document the level at this time July, 2009. People in Southern Californian use much water and water exiting the lake is faster than being refilled. Perhaps the northward migration of deserts might be a factor also. Do your thinking twice when using water in Southern California is a good idea? Thought some paintings might mark time in history, a visual reminder how precious our water is.
Price: 2,906.

64. Title is: RING AROUND LAKE MEAD, it is painted on Masonite and framed. Di mentions are: 23.5" BY 34.5". With the current level of the water in Lake Mead thought would paint the ring made by the leaching of the desert varnish from the granite rock. To document the level at this time June, 2009. Southern Californians are asked to conserve water use and perhaps an acrylic painting would help remind us to take note and see how low the level of the water is.
Price: 1,671.

63. Title is: MANGROVE ESTUARY, it is painted on Masonite and framed. Dimensions are: 49" by 32.5". This estuary is just east of Derby in northern Australia. The view is from space. The tide comes in and goes out and in doing so makes the water meander in the channel. the channel is lined with mangrove plants. Thought it might appear well as a painting and here it is for you to evaluate, perhaps to buy and displayed where you live.

62. Carpobrotus is being removed from the edge of Los Penequitos State Marsh. The plant is also known as Hottentot Fig and commonly as Ice Plant. It is planted on the sides of highways. This invasive species is being mapped and removed from the Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve. An ongoing task that several Docents have volunteered their time to extract the invasive plants from the ground. After the ground is prepared then native plants will be planted where the Carpobrotus was. It is a group effort spread over weeks and months. What is painted in Acrylic on canvas board, 16 by 20 documents the effort. Title: PREPARING THE GROUND FOR NATIVE COASTAL CHAPARRAL. Price:Price:675.

61. WON SECOND PLACE Off Track Gallery, Encinitas, CA for month of May, 2009. Acrylic original art on stretched canvas, 24" by 48". This painting has a story. Which is this: At Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve a pine tree has a witches broom. That is where the pine needles form a very thick group of pine needles. (This is a play on words.)There was rain for several days and the iron in the ground mixed with the silt flowing to the beach cliffs. In this case Canyon of the Swifts. The bright orange silt spilled over the cliff and to the beach and continued to the surf. It is the place where the stream of orange silt is leaving the base of the cliff and flowing upon the beach sand. The raindrops scattered on the surface of the sand is shown along with the young growing tip of a giant kelp that washed ashore in the winter storm. Hope you enjoy this image. Wes Price:3,456.

60. Original art (Acrylic)on canvas board, 18" by 24". Near Bakersfield, CA is a hill by the name of "ANT HILL". It is 640 or so feet above sea level and for many years hunters of shark teeth have looked for fossils of marine animals that lived in the area millions of years ago. Wanted to paint an image made of hunters (of all ages) looking for shark teeth. During my stay of 5 hours discovered 40 shark teeth some of which were Mako sharks. Broken marine mammal bones were also discovered. The marine layer is on the side of the hills and in this case you can see the Kern River below. Price:889

59. Acrylic original art on canvas board, 18" by 24". Price:884

58. Acrylic original art on canvas board, 20" by 24". It is framed. The Torrey Pine Tree at Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve has a thick mass of pine needles called witches broom. Near by are a couple of ravens with locked talons. It is a windy spring day as the Sea Dalia's are all leaning away from the ocean that is to the left out of the painting. The tree is "sculpted" by the westerly winds blowing left to right off the open ocean. Price is 680 with the frame.

57. Acrylic original art of an Anna Hummingbird male on canvas board. It is 18.75 by 24.5" and framed. Price is 889.

56. People at the Children's Pool in La Jolla are observing the Harbor Seals. This in a watercolor painting.

55. Original acrylic fine art painting on stretched canvas, 16" by 24" framed 19" by 24.75". Title is: SYCAMORE BUD Price: 895.

54. Original oil fine art painting on stretched canvas, 18" by 24" framed 17.5" by 21.5". Title is: SEA LIFE DISCOVERY AT EBB TIDE. Price: 1,107.

53. Work in progress!

52. Title: GREEN LYNX SPIDER AND YOUNG. A watercolor illustration(11 by 14)on acid free Bristol Board.
Framed it is 11.5" by 24.25".
The third place ribbon was awarded by the Offtrack Gallery in Encinitas.
Title: Price for this work is 335.

51. Title: ROSE BRANCH MUREX two original watercolor illustrations (11 by 14) on
acid free Bristol Board. Framed it is 17.5" by 26.5". Asking 616 for this work of fine art illustrations. ___Donated to San Diego Shell Club Auction, 2010___

50. At Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve along the beach next to Del Mar, California is Big Basin. There is eroding,
when wet with rain, mud. A young Torrey pine is growing at the edge of this erosion. Was looking at it for years thinking it would be good to paint the tree and its trying to take root
and grow. The three however has a problem to grow upward straight. Because the westerly winds from the sea rises above the sea cliff and blows over the tops of the trees.
The trees can only grow near the ground as a shrub or bush might grow. A few of the trees hug the ground with their branches hugging the ground. Not typical of a tree at all.
However survival rules and the tree grows and produces its cones and pine seeds anyway. Original oil painting,11 by 14 on canvas board, framed it is 16.5 by 19.5.
Title: BIG BASIN PINE. Price for this work is 339.

49. Original acrylic painting of an area with veldt grass and the trunks of Torrey pine trees on canvas board
11 by 16; framed 16.5 by 19.5.
Title: AN ABUNDANCE OF VELDT GRASS. Price for this work is 389.

48. Original oil painting of a group of mushrooms, it is 18 by 24 on canvas board.
Title: INKY CAP MUSHROOMS. Price for this work is 864.

47. This view is from Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve from the extension looking toward the trees close to the coast.
An original oil painting by this author. Perhaps you would like to make an investment into it and buy it?
Title: Torrey Pines Extension View 16 by 20 framed to 21.75 by 25.75, fine art oil on canvas board.
Price for this work is 691.

An acrylic painting of a tree portrait presentation.

This acrylic landscape presentation is slightly varied from the view of it above.

An acrylic painting that includes two palm trees.

Bird feeder made from a gourd being visited by a scrub jay. It is winter time and painting is with acrylic paints.

46. JAPANESE TEA GARDEN, Original acrylic on canvas board. 11" by 14". Garden is in Balboa Park, California.

45. BALLOON HAPPY FACES, Original oil on canvas board. 20" by 16" plus frame Price: 975.

44. TORREY PINE CANYON, mixed media_acylic on paper and laminated.Dimension is 16 2/5" by 13 1/8" framed. Price: 235.

43. Desert Sequaro is on stretched canvas. It is 24 by 48. Place is Arizona with the Salt River.

42. Calling this tree the MILLENIUM TREE (Frozen In Time). The tree retains near original size since a photograph was made of it. The
tree still exists and appears as the photograph shows it. There are however many larger Torrey Pine trees growing near and beyond.
Their trunks much larger than the one in this painting. The photograph was very dark and difficult to see features. In my painting of it the
lighting has improved in order to see the features. As in the distance is the eroded ridge leading to Razor Point. Canyon of the Swifts this
side of it leading into the now closed trails of Fat Man's Misery. Named because the trail was so narrow a large person could not
progress on the trail. The light color sand stone cliff supports a look out in Whitter Gardens. The painting is an oil on canvas board and is
13.5 by 17.5 inches framed. Price: 413

41. This Acrylic/mixed media painting titled: "THE SILVER ARGIOPE" is on canvas board 16" by 20". There is the large female
orb weaver seen from the ventral surface and the smaller male seeing the dorsal surface attempting to mate. Price: 640 unframed.

40. This Acrylic painting titled: THREE SISTERS" is on canvas board 16" by 20", 19 1/2 by 23 1/3 framed. These trees are located at he edge of the parking lot
to the "Museum/Lodge" at Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve. Painted at 32 degrees 55' 13.99' N 117 degrees 15' 10.89' W Price: 705.

39. This Acrylic painting titled: "BOUGAINVILLEA COURT YARD" is on canvas board 16" by 20", 19 1/2 by 23 1/3 framed. Local is at the entrance to the
museum/lodge at Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve. Painting local at 32 degrees 55" 15.64' N 117 degrees 15" 11.05' W Price: 715.

38. This Acrylic painting titled: INDIAN PINK aka MEXICAN PINK is on stretched canvas. Site for the entrance to Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve museum.
The size of this work of art is: 12 by 24 and in black metal frame.
Price: 651

37. This Acrylic painting on canvas board is titled: MIRA COSTA COLLEGE FIELD STATION in Bahia De Los Angeles, Baja California, Mexico.
It is 9 by 12 within a frame. Like to buy this painting call me at 858.576.2143. Price:385

36. TWO SMALL WINDOWS is Acrylic painting on 11 by 14 canvas board and framed. Tis site is at Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve,
California. The pine tree and cacti caught my eye over and over again and wanted to capture in on canvas. Price: 348 in its frame.

35. Awarded first place by the Offtrack Gallery, Encinitas, CA for this oil painting on stretched canvas.Title: COMMUNICATIONS It is 42.5 by 65 unframed. Price is 2,304.

34. Diving north of Punta Gringa Bahia de Los Angeles with Smith Island beyond is the subject of this acrylic En Plein Air painting. It is 9" by 12"
on canvas board. Price: 216 unframed.

33. This art work is composed of recycled the plastic caps saved from Soy Silk cartons. It measures 10.75" by 24.75" and is for sale asking 2,113 for this display.

32.The zillions of Cardon Cacti at Catavina, Baja is here shown with acrylic paint on photographic paper. A Vulture flys overhead.

31. Another angle at the very southern end of the bay of Los Angeles, Baja. A cardon cacti with an osprey upon it is painted in acrylic
on photographic paper and foam board mounted.

30. This view is made from southern end of Bahia de Los Angeles. It is acrylic paint on photographic paper.

29. Four 8" by 10" framed oil paintings of sea slug gastropods from the San Diego area. by Wesley M. Farmer. Price: 173 each.

28. Title: CELLS. Original framed mixed media, matrix is polyester resin fixed to masonite. Dimentions 27" by 33". Price: 1,615.

27. Four 8 by 10 oil paintings of sea slugs from the San Diego area. Price: 173 each.

26. An original acrylic painting on stretched canvas, it is 15" by 30". Title is: COASTAL LA JOLLA. Price: 975.

25. An original oil painting, it is by 11" by 14", 17 5/8" by 20 5/8". Title is: To San Diego from Mount Palomar. by Wesley M. Farmer. Price: 353.

24. An original acrylic painting on stretched canvas, it is by 24" by 36". Title is: SUNRISE AT LAKE TRUMBULL by Wesley M. Farmer. Price: 1,828.

23. An original acrylic painting on stretched canvas, it is 15" by 30". Title is: BEAVER at LAKE TRUMBULL it is on display at the Quail Botanical Gardens
in Encinitas, CA till the 30th of Sept. 2008. Have time to check it out and many other paintings and photographs by members of the Off Track Gallelry in Encinitas. Price: 975.

22. An original acrylic painting on canvas board, it is 9" by 12"/13" by 16". Title is: PEOPLE LIKE WALKING UPON THE BEACH by Wesley M. Farmer. Price: 256.

21. An original oil painting on clay board/masonite, it is 11" by 14". Title is: CLINGING TREE (at Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve) by Wesley M. Farmer. Price: 343.

20. This Torrey pine tree rooted on the other side of this piece of Linda Vista Formation. It is oil painted on clay board that is 8" by 10" plus the frame.
Asking: 195 for this work of art and frame.

19. This oil painting on clay board is 9" by 12" plus the frame dimensions. Asking 236 for this original art work and frame.

18. An original acrylic painting on canvas board (9" by 12". Title: GUY FLEMING TRAIL WILD FLOWERS (Torrey Pines State Reserve) March, 2008.
Asking: 240 for this work of art and frame.___SOLD___

17. Was scuba diving at the Cove in La Jolla, California years ago and observed the action of the habitat. Later painted from memory what was experienced.
A school of small fish swam through the kelp. The kelp bending in the swift current. A few Sargo fish and Kelp fish were on the lee side of the kelp heading into
the currents. A couple Garibaldi were feeding on the algae attached to rocks. By the way the State marine fish is the Garibaldi or aka Ocean Goldfish. The painting
is on foam board and the paint cracked randomly adding to the view of this painting.

16. This acrylic painting on canvas board is 16" by 20" plus the frame dimensions. Title: COYOTE WASH A-BLOOM and is in Borrego State Park.
Asking 715 with the frame. Would love for some one to make an investment in this original work of art.

15. Title: BAY POINT FORMATION_BIG BASIN. This oil painting on canvas board is 12" by 16" plus the frame dimensions. Asking 425 for this art work.

14. This 10" by 16" plein air oil painting is on stretched canvas. The garage door is the north south corner of the LODGE at Torrey Pines State Reserve, CA.
The vine at the base of the Torrey Pine tree is a Wild Cucumber flowering in March. Asking 411 for this painting.

13. This is an acrylic on photograph paper. Anna Humming Bird, framed in 16.25 by 14 frame. Image 6" by 9" Price: 150.

12. The group of marine opisthobranchs or mollusks with no shells have spectacular skin color. Here is one example of a tropical sea-slug that swims by undulating
its body side to side. This painting is a section of skin and its colors. Amazing, and wanted you to see the color pattern only and not the total mollusk. One can
Google the mollusks name and see a full picture a diver made of one of this spectacular sea-slugs.

11. Title: GREAT BLUE HERON, acrylic painting on stretched canvas 31" by 41". Price: 2,642.

10. Title: COASTAL VIEW. This 12 by 16 canvas board acrylic painting on canvas board is a
view looking from Yucca Point toward Flat Rock, Mussel Rocks and beyond to La Jolla. Price: 1,650.

9. An original acrylic painting on canvas board (9" by 12". Title: WILDFLOWERS ON RAZOR POINT TRAIL (Torrey Pines State Reserve)
March, 2008. Asking: 240 for this work of art and frame.

8. An oil painting on canvas board (12" by 16". Title: LOS PENESQUITOS STATE MARSH. Marsh is in the foreground and Torrey Pines State Reserve
beyond. Birds are Mallards and Coots. Asking 431 for this painting and the frame containing the art work.

7. This acrylic painting on canvas board is 20" by 16". The house was that Guy Flemming way back when Miss Scripps
hired him to look after Torrey Pines State Reserve. The weather front came through during the Pleine Air Art Festival during the 19 to 23 September, 2007.

5. This original acrylic painting on stretched canvas is looking toward the canyon of the swifts way beyond. Red Butte is at the left,
a peregrine Falcon is hovering zeroing in on a rodent perhaps.

4. Linda Vista Formation is the title of this original acrylic painting it is 20" by 16" on canvas board. The view is that at Torrey Pines State Reserve. Price: 1,344.

3. Looking toward Red Butte in Torrey Pines State Reserve, this watercolor painting (on acid free paper) is titled "LOVE BIRDS on RED BUTTE" is 14" by 17 inches.
The birds are Scrub Jay and a couple of Ravens. The Torrey Pine tree to the right of Red Butte was killed by bark beetles and fell. The views at the Reserve are slowly changing.

2. The Torrey Pine Trees on Santa Rosa Island were visited this past September. This wash was a flow with pine cones, "A RIVER OF PINE CONES", 11" by 14",
acrylic image painted upon photo paper. Price: 258.

1. This oil painting on canvas board it is 12" by 16". Title is:ORANGE SKIES(Broken Hill, Torrey Pines State Reserve) by Wesley M. Farmer. Price: 435.

Books and booklets, eight of them, with many pen and ink line art. Made 25 hard cover copies on one of them. DID YOU KNOW THAT?
If you would like a copy for your Baja collection ask those folks at Thanks for any orders you might ask them.
SEA-SLUG GASTROPODS, 1980, has 157 line drawings of opisthobranchs from Panama to Alaska. A letter from the HM YACHT BRITANNIA is included with 60 color and black
and white images from this book. Hope you enjoy this 1,928 KB, 12 minute, Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation!
Go to pdf file to interact with the power point presentation.
FREE EDUCATIONAL BOOKLET FOR YOU TO DOWNLOAD. Interactive practice at being a BOOKBINDER of sorts. Title of the 25 page booklet is SELECT FOSSIL RECORDS FROM TORREY PINES STATE BEACH 2006 ISBN 0-937772-06-2 in color 25 pages, hope you enjoy the experience and what the booklet has to teach. Four sheets of 8.5 by 11 white paper (landscape printed)on both sides would do it. Final product will be 5.5' by 4.25" with a couple staples to bind it together. Hope you enjoy the experience you might like it.Go to PDF file to view and or print.
This six foot long represents the "living fossil" by the name of
COELACANTH. It lives in the Indian Ocean deep in the waters around the Comoro Islands. It was fabricated with corrugated cardboards for the most part. It is for sale.

The Whale Shark grows to 45-55 feet. This six footer by six feet has divers on the pectoral fins for size comparison.
The Remoras and Pilot Fish are to scale. For sale.
At the south end of Bahia de los Angeles, Baja looking south is a colorful range of mountains.
This acrylic painting (right) 11" by 15" was painted during my camping trip (21 May 2007). A few cardon cacti are in the foreground.
Actually there are thousands of the cacti at the base of those mountains.

Number three didgeridoo won an awarded at the The San Diego Fair in Woodworking and 4 won an award at the
Off Track Gallery in Encintas (month of June). Made a few didgeridoos that were mounted in the upright position
of individually designed bases as a place they could reside in. Also liked to add reliefs and mineral inlays of say
quartz and flint sometimes malacite and used the hemitite found in sand as a black "paint". The color from a nudibranch
called Bornella now is upon this particular didigeridoo. Not sure anyone is interested in buying such an instrument with its base.
Number 5 didge was purchased after being on display at the San Diego County Fair in Wood Working, SOLD, Thank you. Would like to know from those folks into didgeridoos and yuccadoos. If you would like to own one of these yucca or agave
didges that including the display base. Let me know your interest in owning one. The burrowing owl didge, mumber 6, is sold. Was on display at San Diego County Fair in Woodworking 2010.
Hope you enjoy viewing my gourd art, it is kind of fun thinking what to make of the gourd. The spotted ratfish was seen in the raw gourd when shopping for something to paint. Worked out just right. Below left is a Blue Fin Tuna gourd.
There is a small clam known by the scientific Genus name of Donax, common name is Bean Clam. There is a population bloom on the sandy beaches north of La Jolla's Scripps Pier to Buena Vista Lagoon 30 miles to the north. The Donax lives at and near the surface of the sand. The clams are half grown at 1 cm. (Today is 17 November, 2004). Just imagine the volume of these millions and millions Donax when grown to full size. A small bucket full of sand contained 340 clams By applying some math a stretch of beach 30 miles long with a 20 foot band of Donax that were living down to 4 inches deep, there would be 19,138,353 Donax! Another population bloom (1 October, 2005) is packed so close that one can not see the sand between them.

Photomicrograph's of petrified wood discovered upon the beach at Torrey Pines State Beach are demonstrated in the 32" by 40" exhibit.
The Compact Disc (CD) has 2279 "fossil" images at 368 MB. My goal yet is to write a database from the field notes and images.
Claris Home Page and FileMaker Pro is the software of choice. However still struggling on learning how to even start the first few field
notes. Once I learn how to proceed then on to the completion of this data gathering and documention effort. This second of two 32" by 40"
displays of plant fossils (via permit)were documented from Torrey Pines State Beach.

The image of this full grown Bottlenose Dolphin leaped from the surf right onto my 35 mm color film. This baby California Gray Whale spent 10 minutes in the surf at Torrey Pines State Beach before heading back out to sea. It appeared that a portion of one of the
whales swimming flippers was missing. Perhaps a meal for a shark. As luck would have it had to change film as the whale was broad side
IN THE WAVE. Missed my photographic opportunity and not to happen again (then).
In Bahia San Quintine, Baja California, Mexico grows this unusual algae in any great bio mass. This seasonal algae will grow in size from small to 15-20 feet in length bifurcation along the way. Ebb tide has left the algae partially above the salt water. Below a very large section of the green algae has a quarter and a penny set upon the frond to help visualize the size of this frond section. The inside of this algae appears like the candy called gum drops particularly the green ones. There apparently are two morphs as seem in one of the photographs. One short and full the other very long and bifurcating. By the way there are some green animals living on the algae as a flatworm an amphipod a couple green sea slugs one of them new to science.

A rare Threadfin Bass, Pronotogramus notofasciatus (LEFT)is caught by an angler aboard the DOLPHIN a couple miles off the Mission Bay Jetties. A lanternfish
(right)discovered upon Torrey Pines State Beach is a rare find indeed! The lanternfish normally lives in the benthic sea. This fish washed ashore the day after our
first winter storm.

This photograph of the total eclipse of the moon (from Torrey Pines State Reserve) was made after dusk on 15th of May, 2003. Another image is a solar eclipse that will occur here again in 10,000 years. How much of the sun was actually eclipsed by the moon is seen in the lens flair. Enjoy!
We had another eclipse of the sun in San Diego. This image from Torrey Pines State Reserve above Razor Point demonstrates the light and the crescent of the sun in the clouds.

The rains since this past October on have produced some record rainfalls in the desert. The black and white banded harvestmen were visible in great numbers. Carrizo Canyon and surrounding hills were foraging grounds for this kind of Harvestmen. A search on the "Web" did not produce an image of this kind of black and white animal. Also could not find a scientific name for this arachnid.
So putting the image up for all the harvestmen photographers and arachnid enthusiasts could have a look see. Does anyone out there have a genus and species name for this kind of critter? I propose to call the black and white abdomen one the Carrizo Canyon Harvestmen since that is were so many of the animals present for several months. The brown bodied harvestman was seen in Sandstone Canyon off Split Mountain Wash in Anza Borrego State Park on the 25 of November 2005.
Dr. Wesley M. Farmer Photographer copyrights these photographs and all rights reserved.
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