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Card Captors American Opening!

This is a new clip and this is the Card Captors Opening Clip with all of there 3rd Animation. It's really cool and I hope that you like it. This is an updated clip. The quality is better and it's not in Real Video anymore. It's really good and check it out!

1. Sakura's Rival!
This shows scenes from the 1st Episode!

The kids talk about Kero!

Kero Screams At the Card Captors!

Kero bites Li Showron!

2. Double Edge Sword!

Rita attacks Sakura w/ the Sword Card!

Sakura Calls the Clow Key Wand!

3. Time and Again!
I will try to get some up here soon!
4. Power's Ploy!

Sakura & Madison run to find out about the Power Card!

Sakura Calls the Clow Key Wand & Use the Windy Card!

5. The Cave!

Sakura Uses the Float Card!

Kero Explains Where Everybody is While Burning up!

6. The New Rival!

Meilin Battles w/ Fight Card Part 1!

Meilin Battles w/ Fight Card Part 2!

7. Double Take!

Clow Cards Don't Work Because it's A Helix!

Li Comes & Helps Sakura!

8. No Way Out!
I Don't Have Any Now but expect one this Sunday!
9. The Race!

Sakura Thinks Before Capturing!

10. Dragon Slayer!