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                SEASON SUMMARIES

Sailor Moon/The Original Season!
The first couple of episodes start off like this. Serena a normal and late girl is walking to school when she notices some little kids attacking a poor little cat. She runs over there and tells the kids to go away. Serena takes off the bandages it had on it's forehead and it was a crescent moon. But just then the cat jumps up, on to Serena's head and onto a car. They just stare at each other when Serena notices that she is really late. On the way back home a guy calls her "Meatballhead" and tells her that she is stupid because she got a 30 on her test. At home the cat goes into her house through the window. The cat starts to talk and tells her that she must be Sailor Moon to save the world from the Negaverse & Queen Beryl! Luna the talking cat tells her to say "Moon Prism Power" to transform into Sailor Moon! Serena says those words and becomes Sailor Moon. She hears her friend Molly screaming she goes over to Molly's mother's jewelary store. Sailor Moon uses a flying tiara to destroy the monsters that she faces. Tuxedo Mask saves her time and time again. And Jedite kept sending new monsters but Sailor Moon was able to defeat them all. The time had come for a new Sailor Scout to join the group. Her name was Amy. She was a new transfer student. Luna & Serena thought that she might be from the negaverse because she had a brainwashing disk that the negaforce used to steal energy. When the monster started to attack Amy and press her on the computer she got this mark on her forehead. Luna notice that is was the sign of the planet mercury! Luna gave Amy her transforming pen and Amy said "Mercury Power"! Amy transformed in Sailor Mercury! Her attack was "Mercury Bubbles Blast"! Her attack was to blind people so that Sailor Moon could finished them off. Two days later they met with a new friend Raye. They also thought that she might be from the negaverse because people from schools that go to her Cherry Hill Temple are always getting lost. Sailor Moon got onto the bus on accident and the monster got Raye. Raye was trying to escape when the symbol of Mars appeared on her forehead just like Mercury. With these words "Mars Power"! Raye became Sailor Mars! Her was "Mars Fire Ignite"! The time had come to reveal one of the little villains! The one that was trying to steal energy from humans was Jedite! Queen Beryl killed Jedite because of too many failures! Then came Nephlite. He stoled energy by using the stars. Nephlite and Molly got very connected and died just to protected her. Then Zoysite the only "girl" general came into. Her mission was to get the 7 Rainbow Crystals. The 7 Rainbow Crystals were 7 crystals and if you got them they would form the Imperium Silver Crystal. A Rainbow Crystal were put into humans that were Shadow Warriors but had no memory of there former exgistense. At school with Serena a girl named Lita came in. She got kicked out from her other school for fighting. Serena made friends with her even though of the things Melvin told her. Lita was walking when her friend Joe got attack. Zoysite got a Rainbow Crystal and the monster was about to smash Sailor Moon when Lita came in and picked up the monster. Jupiter's planet symbol appeared on her forehead! Lita threw the monster to the bush. Luna gave Lita her pen. Jupiter said "Jupiter Power"! Jupiter attacked the monster with "Jupiter Thunder Crush"! The only way to defeat that monster was to to heal it. Luna gave the "Crescent Moon Wand" to Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon said "Moon Healing Activation" and the monster was Joe again! Zoysite came and came. Tuxedo Mask also wanted the crystals because he thought that the crystals would help him rememeber his past. After all of the crystals were taken away Zoysite got 4 and Tuxedo Mask got 3. The Sailors had gotten one but it was taken away by Zoysite. Then Sailor V the original Sailor Scout came into the group but her V actually stood for Venus. Sailor Venus even had her own cat Artemis. Her was "Venus Crescent Beam Smash"! Then in one of the almost final battles it was reveal that Serena was the Princess of the Moon that they were seaching for. Queen Beryl then killed Zoisite for to many failures. And so they got Evil Tuxedo Mask onto there side. So, the last general Malachite came and took over. Then the enemies were looking for Sailor Moon to get the Silver Crystal and turning people into monsters. But Sailor Moon still had her wand and healed all of them. At the end the Sailor Scouts went to the past thanks to Malachite. Queen Serenity told the Sailor Scouts all about the past and the the relationship of Princess Serenity and Prince Darien! And how Queen Beryl destroyed the Moon Kingdom. Queen Serenity used the Silver Crystal and because she wasn't strong enough to hold the Silver Crystal she died and send everyone to the future! When the got back to the present Malachite was waiting for them. Sailor Moon with the help of the Sailor Scouts killed Malachite. The time had come to go to the Negaforce and get Queen Beryl! While they were headed to Queen Beryl the Doom & Gloom Girls came and killed all of the Sailor Scouts because they were protecting Sailor Moon. First it was Jupiter! Then Mercury, Venus, & Mars. Each time they were killed each of them killed on the on Doom & Gloom Girls. Mars killed 2 of them. Sailor Moon went to Queen Beryl all alone physically but went will all of the Sailor Scouts at heart! Queen Beryl took Sailor Moon there. The evil Prince Darien was there. Sailor Moon was able to heal him. The negaforce gave Queen Beryl more power to destroy the earth and Sailor Moon. But outside Sailor Moon was waiting for Queen Beryl! Queen Beryl & Sailor Moon fought but Sailor Moon knew that she couldn't do it all by herself so the Sailor Scouts spirits came her helped her out! Sailor Moon & the Sailor Scouts were abled to kill Queen Beryl because Princess Serena release all of the power the Silver Crystal! Sailor Moon & the rest were sent back to Tokyo but there memories were erased! So, all of them had to become friends again! Until next season!