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                SEASON SUMMARIES

Episode 1: Sakura's Rival!
The episode starts with a nice full moon and the Tokyo Tower in front of it. We see a boy with a yellow stuff animal look - a - like. We hear this girl call the stuff animal Kero. And we also see these cards flying all over the place. The mysterious girl called them Clow Cards. The boy hears the girl and flies down.

After the dream a girl in bed starts saying I can’t. The yellow thing calls her Sakura and tells her to wake up. Then Sakura explains that she has a dream about a boy with the Clow Cards. We hear a knocking on the door and then comes in a guy with wild, twist black hair. The guy told Sakura that he was hearing someone talking. Sakura denied about the talking in her room. Sakura said "You know stuff animals can’t talk, Tory. So that means that the guy’s name is Tory!(Duh!)Then Tory said that she was losing it and Sakura threw a pillow at him but missed. Kero started to say that Tory always does that but then Tory came back to the room! Tory almost caught Kero talking again! Tory said that he was leaving in 10 minutes! He sort of knew that Kero was talking. Commercial Break....

Sakura pulled down her window and was talking out loud what did the dream mean. Kero said to get over it because Sakura need to capture the Clow Cards. He also said that she should expect the unexpected. Then Sakura’s Dad said that she was going to be late. So, Sakura put on all of her roller blading equipment on and raced out of the door. Sakura was screaming to Tory to slow down and to wait. Tory saw his friend Julian and screamed out his name. Sakura got happy to see Julian. On the way to school Sakura was just looking at Julian. Tory was telling Julian of Sakura’s talking by herself story. (Sakura slips a lot on her skates :)

At school Sakura was talking to her friend Madison about a new digital video camera her mother gave her. Then a girl came into the class. Her name was Rita. The teacher came in and said that they had a new exchange student named Li Showron. Sakura & Madison talk to said to each other why would they have a new exchange student. The exchange student came in and Sakura notice him in an instinct. She knew that was the boy from her dream. The teacher place Li behind Sakura. Li was just looking at Sakura as he was taking his sit. Sakura was really nervous and asking herself a lot of questions about the new kid. Commercial Break...

The bell rang and it was time for recess. Li started to use this special board and told it to release the light. It zap Sakura and Li said that it was her and that she had them. Sakura was just confused. Li said “What do you think this is. Chinese Checkers”. He said that it was a Lasin Board. He said that the Lasin Board knew all. And then he demanded for the Clow Cards. Sakura was just confused even more. He asked for them again but still nothing. Then Sakura said “Even if I did know what the Clow Cards were I wouldn’t give them to you”. Then she said that she was capturing the Clow Cards for Kero. Li knew who was Kero. But he called him Keroberos. He also called him the Guardian Beast. Li ask Sakura if she let all of the cards escape. Sakura said that all of the cards did escape but that she has been able to capture some of them back. Li told Sakura “Some Card Captor you make”. And then he told Sakura that he was taking over. Once again Li asked Sakura for the Clow Cards but she didn’t want to give them to him. Madison was looking for Sakura and saw Li grabbing Sakura. Madison told Li to stop grabbing Sakura like that. Then out of nowhere Tory comes in and saves Sakura from Li. While they are standing there Julian also comes racing too and jumps over the fence and offers food to Sakura, Madison, Tory, & Li. But then Li starts to run in panic. He slips in the mud but continues to run.(In the mud you can see Li’s body print. You could also notice the eyes of Li :)

Sakura & Madison are walking home talking about Li and the Clow Cards.(Obviously Madison knows about the Clow Cards & Kero able to talk)Sakura said that Kero is probably at home planning there next move. But we find Kero just sleeping on the job. Madison agrees. As they are walking home thunder comes in. The girls go under the playground slide. But they notice that there wasn’t any rain of nothing. Then the thunder goes down to earth and starts to jump from light post to light post. And then it starts chasing a man. The thunder goes back into the sky and disappears.

We find Sakura back at home and Kero is still sleeping. Sakura screams for Kero to wake up.(You can notice that when Sakura screams loud her head enlarges for a couple of seconds)Kero wakes up and slams against the wall. Sakura told Kero all about Li. Kero said “Expect the unexpected”. He went into detail about Li. He said that Li Showron is a desendence of Clow Reed! Kero’s master and the creator of the Clow Cards! Sakura started to get worried because if that was true then she should have given the Clow Cards to Li. But Kero stop her and said that she was the one that opened the Clow Cards! So, that means that she is the one that has to capture the Clow Cards. Sakura’s phone rings and it’s Madison. Madison explains that there is a new Clow Card to be capture. Sakura said that she will be there in 10 minutes! Commercial Break...

Madison & Sakura met in the woods. Sakura was wearing some pink dress that looked like a cat. Madison said that the dress was rubber so thunder won’t be able to affect her while she is trying to capture it. The Thunder was going crazy. Sakura had a stick. She got it out and twirled it around and said “Let’s Fly”! Then wings came out from it. Sakura rode it like a witch’s broom stick. The Thunder was going to hit Sakura but it missed both times. Sakura landed on some building. Kero said that she should change it to it’s real form. But Sakura didn’t know how to do that. The Thunder was about to hit her but Sakura was able to get The Jump card out in time and active it. Sakura jump up into the sky. And down.(With The Jump Card you are able to jump up really high without getting hurt)Sakura went to some little thing and Li came out of nowhere again! Li attacked Thunder with his sword and was successfully changing it back into its visible form. Sakura notice that while Li was jumping down he looked like the kid in her dream. Sakura thought that The Windy Card would be able to get The Thunder Card. But Li said that The Windy Card couldn’t go up against Thunder.(Li seems to know a lot about the Clow Cards. He even knew the name of The Thunder Card. It’s name was Riju! Something like that)Li suggested that Sakura use The Shadow Card. Li shocked The Thunder Beast and Sakura released The Shadow Card. The Shadow Card went all over The Thunder Beast and trapped it. Sakura said “Shadow release & dispelled! Return to your power comfined! Sakura was able to capture the Thunder Card. Li came down told Sakura that she didn’t really know to much about the Clow Cards. Then Kero came down and Li described Keroberos but when he saw Kero he said that he looked like a stuff animal. So, Kero bit Li and Li had to shake him off his finger. Madison came to Sakura. Sakura just looked space out and said that this was only the beginning!!!!!