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The End of Tenchi Muyo! and the Beginning of Tenchi Universe!
The titled pretty much gives it all. Sort of. Tenchi Muyo! is over. Or the OVA. But now Tenchi Universe the 1st season of Tenchi Muyo! begins. That is what Toonami calls it. Tenchi Universe! New Story and a New Girl in the house. Nothing will be like in the OVA! Toonami gave Tenchi Muyo! a new opening of the new season. Hoped you like it because I am watching it right now! Hope you enjoy it. I will start to update the Tenchi Muyo! episode list again! See ya later!
Once Again Tenchi Went Over 30 Mins!
Hoped you enjoyed the Tenchi Muyo! OVA! It was awesome but now the season will re-begin all over again! The 1st original season of the Tenchi Universe will begin now! See ya later! No more 30 minutes of anymore. Now see ya later!Oh! I forgot to tell you that the Tenchi Muyo! has a new thing. Oh! Forget about it! :)
Tenchi Over 30 Mins!
I guess everybody saw Tenchi Muyo! today and I think everyone was suprise that Tenchi Muyo! went past 6:30! I was all like what is going on! But if they do this through the entire OVA series that means they will show the "Mihoshi Special" tomorrow if we are lucky! After they showed that they gave the Power Puff Girls an almost anime so I liked the schedule today! Check out the Sailor Moon News Page there is some news that I think you will be interested to see! Bye!
New Tenchi On The Way?
This news was supposed to come like 3 days ago but I didn't put it up! Whatever! The good news is that in a Japanese magazine there was a little article about Tenchi Muyo! A New Series in production right now! If they do do these episodes it will be quite awhile till the series comes to the US and lets all hope that this is just not a rumor! Tenchi Muyo! will GET new episodes! Bye!
Can't Get Enough Of Tenchi?
Today's episode of Tenchi was amazing! A very action packed episode! But you don't just want 5 days of Tenchi? Well, this weekend you will be getting the Saturday Premiere of Tenchi Muyo! on the Rising Sun along with the Soldier of Justice! Sailor Moon! Watch it with Sailor Moon starting at 10:00am in the morning! Bye!
Tenchi Muyo! Premieres on the 3rd Hour Part 2!
Today Tenchi premiered! What an episode it was! You can totally tell that the sound didn't go with the mouths but in this time it was there first episode! It will get better though. I heard a lot of people were very angry because they gave the OVA first episode instead of the season episode! You will just have to wait 2 weeks and 3 days! But at least they are giving it! In the credits it said that the editing was done by Toonami! I just wanted to say that! See ya later! Bye!
Tenchi Muyo! Premieres on the 3rd Hour! Getting Together With Sailor Moon! OAV Terror!
All of you better now that the longly awaited series Tenchi Muyo! will premiere today at 6:00 with 65 episodes! That inculdes all of the Tenchi Muyo! episodes. Tenchi Muyo! will be the opening for the 3rd Hour of Toonami! Tenchi just like Sailor Moon will be hand and hand on the Toonami Rising Sun this Saturday. That means that it will get a new opening just for Rising Sun! Tenchi Muyo! fans just like me are very worried because it is said that the OAV has been very edited because of the major nudity but I have to say at least the show has been brought to American television!