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Sailor Moon S & SuperS To Be Released By PIONEER!
As many of you know Otakon an anime convention is on or is over I don't know. They said and I quote "Pioneer has licensed the Sailor Moon S and SS TV seasons. They'll be releasing: Dub cut VHS (what you see on Cartoon Network)
Skipped Episode of Sailor Moon!
We thought it would never happen but it did happen. Even TOM said that they had "38 New Sailor Moons" but it doesn't look like it's going to happen because in Sailor Moon S there are 38 Sailor Moon Episode. But today they skipped episode 119(Japanese) but they gave episode 120(Japanese). In episosde 119 Sailor Saturn would be revealed. And the rest of the scouts would have figured what Raye saw in her dream. One episode was skipped. I wonder if they will give it. But I doubt it!
Sailor Moon Makes Headlines(We Got The Report!)
ARTICLE WRITTEN BY: Paul Sebert "The Sailor Moon S Amara & Michelle Story!"

Kissing Cousins May Bring Controversy!

This is what it says in this news article that I found on And Now, It Begins...Website. This article tells us a lot of our great friends Sailor Uranus & Neptune! I have to warned you that the article was scanned so I might not be able to get all the words but here it goes! Hope you enjoy this! Because I sure did! :)

Cartoon Network juggles controverisal topics contained in the "Sailor Moon S" series!

"Dubbing an anime series into English must be an incredibly difficult task. Perhaps you might remember the old "Speed Racer" cartoon where characters would ramble on and on as there voice actors would desperately try to get in enough dialogue to match the lip movement resulting in rambling dialogue that sounded like this;"

"Yes, I will sabotage the Mach 5, then Speed Racer will not win the race, for he can not win the race if the Mach 5 is sabotage, and then since he can not race, I shall win the Race. Ah-hahahahaha!"

"Judging by modern anime television shows today ranging from "Pokemon" to "Gundam Wing", the quality of voice dubbing in these shows has greatly improved. However, American production companies are stil facing numerous problems with importing shows over here due to content issues. In Japan there are far fewer restrictions on television dealing with issues of touchy subjects like sexuality and religion. There are far fewer restrictions on televised nudity and violence. This puts production companies and television stations in a difficult bind because American anime fans want these shows to be as loyal to the Japanese originals as possible in a time when teachers, parents, & politicans are constantly calling for less sex, adult themes & violence on television. They constantly run the risk of either alienating their cult audience or facing the wrath of angry wouldne censors. It's a difficult line to walk."

"Cartoon Network recent proceeded to walk what may be the narrowest line in the history of animation when at the request of an extensive fan campaign they proceeded to import the third season of the popular anime series "Sailor Moon", entitled "Sailor Moon S." It was a basic example of the laws of supply and demand being placed into action. The fans wanted the unseen episodes brought over here. "Sailor Moon" ranks among Cartoon Network's highest rated shows. One would naturally assume that it would simply be a matter of time before the new episodes were brought over. Why did the fans have to wait for so long?"

"Partially because of an economic standoff between Turner Broadcasting(which owns Cartoon Network)and Disney, whose DiC studioes owned the distribution rights to the show until recently. However the main reason that television executives have been uneasy to respond to fan response has been regarding the show's content. Two of the show's new characters, Amara & Michelle(Named Haruka & Michiru in the show's original Japanese incarnation)are lesbians".

"Gay characters are not uncommon in Japanese anime, even those aimed and marketed at children. Meanwhile, over here in the states, gay characters are a raity in television in general, and almost unheard in animation(aside from Smithers on "The Simpsons" and possibly Dr. Quest and Race Bannon.)"

"You might remember all the hoopla that ocurred last year when Jerry Falwall drew up protest that Tinky Wink on the children's show "Teletubbies" was gay, based on the grounds that the character was purple and carried a handbag. However, unlike that absurd fiasco, any protest over Amara & Michelle sexual affliation would not be without reason. They clearly are gay, series creator Naoko Takeuchi(The magazine made a mistake they wrote "Naoka")admitted so in interviews.

"Not wanting to draw protests or risk losing sponsors, Cartoon Network and Cloverway Inc.'s handling of the show has understandably been rather conservative, trying it's best to appease both parties. While the I, word has yet to be altered by a single character, the gay subtext still exists. However, the two media outlets may have very well ended up shooting themselves in the foot. What could go down as one the most dubious moments of judgement in televsion history occurred in one of last week's episodes, when in what appears to be an attempt to draw attention away from the characters's relationship, the two girls referred to each other as "cousins"

"It was an utterly surreal moment that I couldn't help but respond with a chorus of laughter. In an attempt to avoid contreversy, Cartoon Network and Cloverway took a sensitive issue and actually made it even more potentially offensive by inadvertently throwing in a suggestion of incest".

"However I suppose one can't really blame Cartoon Network for trying to find a happy medium between the demands the demands of loyal fans and would be censors. I certainly wis that one existed".

The Sailor Moon Dub Gets More Japanese & Cwi. Are Really Lazy!100th Episode!
Today Sailor Moon was starting like it always did! But then out of nowhere the preview to today's episode of Sailor Moon from the japanese verison of Sailor Moon started. With Sailor Moon saying stay tune. But then out of nowhere again the opening theme of Sailor Moon started up. I was WOW!So that was the Sailor Moon special episode of Sailor Moon! Maybe Toonami will keep it! We will see! But I have to reveal to everybody but I think that everybody knows that Cwi took the opening theme out of the Sailor Moon Movies that Pioneer dub! So they really didn't do anything excepted the part where they put Sailor Moon S! That was it! But I maybe everybody knows that the transformations in the show ARE from the movie too! They did that because they didn't want to edit all the transformation sequences that they did on the show! I just want to remind that Sailor Moon will air on "Toonami Rising Sun" this Saturday! Maybe they will get a new Toonami Opening! Let see!
100th Episode!
No one thought it would happen but it happened today! Sailor Moon's 100th episode was today! It wasn't the best episode that I would have loved to be the 100th episode but what are you going to do! See ya later! Bye!
Outers do Star Power? Crazy Info Mistakes!
Crazy Info Mistakes really goes first! Remember when I told you that there would come an episode that will make really bad senses that they would be cousins. I was very wrong. The writers were really good! Everything went great until Amara & Michelle transformed. I'm not one of those stupid little over over obessive Sailor Moon fans that notices when something is wrong but Uranus & Neptune said Star Power instead of Planet Power. I guess they are trying to make there attacks go with the inner scouts. See ya later! Send in some e-mail about anything!
New Episodes! Appearing on Rising Sun!
As many of you now Sailor Moon S the 3rd season of Sailor Moon has already begun. We have been introduce to many new characters and even new Sailor Scouts! And the reuturn of Rini as a Sailor Scout herself. This season will just get even better. Keep on watching for rest of the 38 New Episodes! Starting this Saturday the new Sailor Moon episodes will be added to the Rising Sun block. It will be with our favorite anime on this website Tenchi Muyo! So, that means that Sailor Moon will get a special new intro for Rising Sun!