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Season Finale of Card Captors! Or Not! Final Episode of Card Captors Titled!
Now Kids' WB! is almost going to show the finale episode of Card Captors & I think that Kids' WB! is going to re-new the show because it has BIG BIG ratings and everybody has loved it! The new episode entitled "The Switch" episode features the "Change" Card! And I was right that the episode entitled "Ice Breaker" will feature the Freeze Card and Li Showron will capture the Card. And the finale episode of Card Captors is called "The Third Element"! It will feature the Firey Card! That won't be shown I think till next month. I will tell you when that episode comes. For now those are thoese episodes of Card Captors and see the video clips page. It is being updated every week! See ya later! Bye!
Next Saturday New Episode of Card Captors! Card Captors in Order! Is 2 episodes of Card Captors Enough?
Now Kids' WB! is showing lots of episode and not skipping episodes again! Thank goodness! The following week the new episode is called "Ice Breaker"! I think it will feature another Li Showron Clow Card. The Clow Card is called "The Freeze" Card. I could be wrong because Li does have the Freeze Card but I am could be wrong. I am not sure if that is the true Clow Card. I will investigate to see which Clow Card that is. So don't believe that. That is just a guess! Ok! Kids' WB! is now doing what we have wanted for a long time. Kids' WB! is now showing Card Captors in order on Fraturdays! So this week they will show a new episode of Card Captors on Fraturdays but next week they will not. And the following week they won't show a new episode of Fraturday! We will see how is goes but right now they are showing them in order! Also starting Wednesday 27 you get a re-run episode of Card Captors. So if you missed it you get to see it on Wednesday! So get ready Card Captors is going all over Kids' WB! without non STOP! That's it for now! See ya later!
Friday's & Saturday Card Captors! The Week Is Here!
Ok! Here is 2 things to see this weekend on Kids' WB! On Friday or Fraturday the clips are back on STC News! And there is more then 5 clips! On Kids' WB! there is a new episode of Card Captors "Dragon Slayer" and it features the Big and Create Card. Other people have said it features the "Firey" Card but they are wrong. I hope! We will see again! Then on Saturday they are going to show a new skipped episode of Card Captors named "No Way Out"! It features the Maze Card! That is what you can look for this weekend and Next week there will be a new episode entitled "The Switch"! I will find out what this Clow Card comes onto this episode. See ya later for now!
Friday's & Saturday Card Captors! All New Episodes!
Hey guys! Great News! Just hoping you enjoyed last weekends episode of Card Captors. Unfortunately Card Captors will NOT have new episodes for 2 weeks! But then our fave little girl returns to Kids' WB! and moves to Fraturdays! Card Captors also gets new episodes 2 days in a row! 2 new episodes of Card Captors and are entitled "Dragon Slayer"! I don't know which Clow Card this will feature but I will soon! I will report soon! As previously reported Kids' WB! skipped another episode entitled "No Way Out" and will be shown on Saturday! This episode will feature the "Maze Card"! Can't Wait! That's it for this! So keep coming back because the clips are coming on sooner then you think and from each episode! 2 weeks without new episodes!! NO!!! See ya later!
TOLD YA ALL!!! Another Skipped Episode!
Hey guys! I TOLD EVERYBODY!!!!! HA HA HA!!!!!! LOL!!!! I TOLD YOU IT WAS THE DASH CARD!!! NO!!! IT WAS THE LOOP CARD!!!! I GOT YOU ALL GOOD!!! NOBODY BELIEVED ME! WHO WAS RIGHT??? I WAS :) Ok! Kids' WB! skipped another episode! It's entitled "No Way Out" It features the Maze Card & a new character which might be very important to the plot. You might have seen her in today's episode! I hoped you liked these episodes! Clips should be up very soon! I hope! :) I TOLD YA SO!!!!! HA HA HA!!! Bye!
Fraturdays & Saturdays!
Hey guys! This is MAJOR NEWS!!! As many of you know Card Captors will be on Friday's or Fraturdays! But the good news is that Card Captors will also be airing on Saturdays!! But maybe they will be old episodes. I don't know! I will check later. As I had said earlier on Sept 4. would be the new season of Kids' WB! That is now false! It's gonna start Sept. 11th! See ya later! Bye!
Clow Cards to be Featured! Card Captors To Move Time!
Hey guys! This is MAJOR NEWS!!! There will be 2 new episodes in 2 more weeks in those new episodes there will be 2 new Clow Cards. In the episode entitled "Double Take" the Mirror Card will be featured and in the episode "The Race" the Dash Card will be featured! I hope that you will enjoy these episodes but you will have to wait 2 more weeks. Even more news! Kids' WB! is going to start with there new line-up and new season this September 4th, 2000! The fall season 2000 - 2001 is coming and that means that Fraturday is coming and that also means that Card Captors will be moving to Fraturday! Now you guys won't have to wake up at 8:30 or 9:30 to watch it and watch it after school on a friday. More to come soon! Gotta go! Bye!
Card Captor Is Getting 2 New Episodes in 2 More Weeks!
Hey guys! This is MAJOR NEWS!!! There will be 2 new episodes in 2 more weeks after the the new episode that will be soon tomorrow. The first episode will is entitled "Double Take". The next week the episode is entitled "The Race". I will try to find out more of the Clow Cards that will feature in these episodes. I will try to get them up very soon. Bye! Hope to update very soon!
The First Card Captor Sakura is Coming To America!
Hey guys! This is MAJOR NEWS!!! I found this at AnimeNation and they are said that in a recent Pioneer Newsletter it said that the 1st Card Captor Sakura Movie has been licensed to and it will be shown until fall 2001! But the good news is that we will be able to see it in the big screen!!! First it was Pokemon and now it's our Card Captor Sakura! The countdown is here!
New Episode This Weekend(Meilin Rae Coming Sat.) Last Summer Click & Pick! Sorry Card Captor Sakura Fans! Help Sakura To Be Featured!
Hey guys! There has been lots of news and I have brought it all here. First off there is a new episode this weekend as we previously reported. The episode is "The New Rival"! This episode will feature our new GIRL character named Meilin. This is weird because Kids' WB! wants to make this show more for boys but they are bring in a girl. I am not saying that I don't want them to bring them Meilin but they are just stupid for saying all that crap if they aren't going to stay with it. And this weekend is the Summer Click & Pick and Sakura won! But next weekend they are going to give an OLD episode. The episode will be "Double Edge Sword" and Sakura won the the last Summer Click & Pick. The episode is "The Rival. Next the Pioneer Card Captor Sakura Episodes Subtitled will be delayed until November 14. So sorry for that. This is it for us here. See ya later! Bye! Check out the clips section. There are only Card Captors video clips :) Bye!
New Episode This Weekend and Next Weekend! Last Summer Click & Pick! 2nd Movie is Out! Card Captors Promo!
Hey guys! There has been lots of news and I have brought it all here. First off there was a new episode this weekend as we previously reported. The episode was "Power's Ploy"! It was one of the best episodes. Hoped you liked it. But now this weekend there will be a new episode of Card Captors. The episode will be called "The New Rival"! This will introduce a new character. HER name is Meilin. They kept it the same as in Japan. So that's good. Also this weekend a 2nd Episode of Card Captors will air because she won the Summer Click and Pick! The episode will be "The Cave"! Hope you enjoy that. Card Captors is once again up for a Summer Click and Pick and I hope that you guys try to vote for her at! So go vote because this is the last Summer Click and Pick so we have to make Sakura win! Now I think a lot of you know this but the 2nd Card Captor Sakura movie is out. I will try to get you the promos AND because it's in japanese I will try to translate it just for you guys. I don't know Japanese but I have seen Japanese episodes and she says her speech to get the Sealing Wand! I will get those soon. Speaking of Promos we have the Card Captors Preview Promo for you guys on the front page. Go check it out and see it. This clip was made a long time ago by the one and only "Tyler" from Toonami Misc. which just changed it's name to Toonami Digital Arsenal. Thanks! But now it's your turn to check out the promo even though it's a little late. So go check it out! This it for us here. Bye!
New Episodes Coming Soon! Sakura Won!A Future Episode! 13 Episodes & Meilin Rae In It!
Major News! This weekend there will be a new episode. The episode that was skipped before was "Power's Ploy"! That is until next Saturday. Next Saturday there will be a new episode entitled "The New Rival". This is the episode where Meilin comes out to the show. That same Saturday thanks to all of your votes Sakura won for the best girl of Kids WB! Congrats for everybody who voted. Now it's time to vote for best episode. I hope all of you vote for Card Captors of course! Just go to Kids' WB!.com and vote for her. See ya later. Due to space on this webpage I will be taking off that article. If anybody still want it here or have any questions e-mail me! Bye!
Card Captors Is Here & Is Making An Impact! Here is a special report I found on the net!
According to Nelvana's latest press release, card captors is doing very well with it's target audiences (Boys ang girls aged 2-11). It's ratings are in fact higher then Pokemon and Digimon.

Also mentionned are several merchandising deals.

Extracts of press release:

TORONTO, July 19 - NELVANA Limited today announced that its Japanese anime series, Cardcaptors, has garnered solid ratings and critical acclaim after just four weeks on Kids' WB! The series has also captured the interest of North American merchandise licensing companies, including Trendmasters, which this month signed up as the property's master toy licensee.

Cardcaptors makes its Canadian television debut on Teletoon in late August.

Cardcaptors, produced for Nelvana by Japan's Kodansha, premiered on the Kids' WB! on Saturday, June 17 at 9:30 a.m. (ET) and has captivated young viewers and delivered strong gains from its Pokemon lead-in at 9 a.m. After four weeks on the air, the show has averaged a 2.8 rating and 13 share among Kids 2-11, according to the Nielsen Television Index (NTI).

Among Boys 2-11, Cardcaptors has posted a four-week average 4.0 rating and 17 share. Cardcaptors is also delivering increasingly strong performances in the all-important Girls 2-11 and Girls 6-11 demos.

Cardcaptors is also attracting North American merchandise licensing companies to the character brand. Nelvana has signed a significant master toy and timepiece licensing agreement with Trendmasters to market plush toys, dolls, collectible figurines, dress-up and role play toys, as well as novelties that include a magic wand and light-up key chains and the Clow Book, which holds the magical cards from which lead character Sakura derives her powers.

Michael Hirsh, Co-Chief Executive Officer of Nelvana, says: ``Cardcaptors is one of Nelvana's most promising new properties. Its increasingly strong television performance is driving demand for merchandise and we are optimistic this brand will have substantial marketing legs. We are thrilled with the response to Cardcaptors from potential licensees and promotional partners like Trendmasters.''

To date, Nelvana has received a total of 21 commitments from licensees to the property, including Pioneer for home video and DVD, Scholastic for publishing, Upper Deck for trading cards and Changes for t-shirts. Vote For Sakura!

A Future Episode! 13 Episodes & Meilin Rae In It!
Today I finally got an e-mail from Nelvana. I asked them if they what episode would they show "Meilin" the another of the Card Captor kid. They told me that she would appear in August in episode "The New Rival"! So we have to wait for that episode soon! They told me that they would be airing 13 episodes this season for Kids WB! We will just have to suppport it a lot! Remember to vote for Sakura on Kids WB! Summer Click & Pick! Bye! Character Profiles will be coming up later today or tomorrow!Vote for Sakura! Just For Sakura! Click Here!Vote For Sakura!
Best Card Captors Episode! Card Captors Click & Pick!
Today had to be one of the best Card Captors to ever been given on Kids WB! They skipped this episode since the show began but it was worth the wait! The episode was really full of action and Li. That is what Kids WB wants! Ok! Here comes the best news ever in like a week. You know that Summer Click & Pick thing they have on Kids WB! and Pokemon always beats it! Now it's Card Captor Sakura's turn to win a spot at 9:30! That will be 2 episodes in on more. Vote for Sakura! Just For Sakura! Click Here!Vote For Sakura!
Finally They Didn't Change There Minds! E-Mail Of The 1st Episode!
All the times that they were going to give a new episode Kids WB would change the episode but they finally kept it! The original 2nd episode "Double Edge Sword"! Ok! Finally we will see Sakura use her Sealing Wand Seal! That is it! Ther hasn't been lots of news of Card Captors! Bye!
E-Mail Of The 1st Episode!
Last time I sent an e-mail to Nelvana and I asked them if they were going to air the first episodes of Card Captors. Here is the answer that I got! Here you go! "If Cardcaptors continues to be a popular series with the fans, broadcasters like Kids WB! will continue to air more and more episodes including, possibly, the very first Cardcaptors episode". There you go! So, all want to see the first episodes keep on watching it and try to get a lot of other people to watch it. See ya later!
WB Messing with out heads! Part 2!
Well Kids WB! has changed the schedule for there next upcoming episode is "Double Edge Sword" so they will not be giving "Power's Ploy" but remember that today is Monday so they can change there minds in a flash. I just hope that they do this give this episode because it has already been dodge like 5 times since the show was shown! Hope to hear more Card Captors News! See ya later! Bye!
WB Messing with out heads!
This weekend WB was supposed to air "Double Edge Sword" but they are going to air episode "The Cave" but I think everybody excepted that WB would have changed it. So right now I'm very angry because they changed it right at the last minute. But at least they are going to show a new episode! See ya later!
Card Captors Sub! A 2nd Card Captors Movie?
Card Captor Sakura is going to be subtitled by Pioneer and said to be released Septemeber 12. So all of you Sakura only like subtitle people this will make you very happy. In other news the Card Captors Manga will be coming to an end today. But the good news is that there will be a new movie entitled - Card Captor Sakura: Fuuinsareta Card! Don't think that the little Kero will be left behind. He will have a mini movie right before the mega movie entitled - Kero-chan ni Omakase! So, this will be the last anime and manga ever for Card Captors. But maybe they made the movie to see if the fans of the anime will go see it and see if they should still continue the anime? What do you think?