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                EPISODE LIST

Tenchi Muyo! OAV Episode List
1.Ryoko Resserected
2.Here Comes Ayeka
3.Hello Ryo-ohki
4.Mihoshi Falls To The Land Of Stars
5.Kagato Attacks
6.We Need Tenchi!
7.The Night Before The Carnival
8.Hello! Baby
9.Sasami & Tsunami
10.I Love Tenchi
11.The Advent Of The Goddess
12.Zero Ryoko
13.Here Comes Jurai
Tenchi Universe!
1.No Need for Discussions!
2.No Need for a Princess!
3.No Need for Worries!
4.No Need for Monsters!
5.No Need for Partners!
6.No Need for Resident Officers!
7.No Need for a Carnival!
8.No Need for a Genius!
9.No Need for Memories!
10.No Need for an Arch Rival!
11, 12, 13.Time Travel and Space Adventures!
14.No Need for a Rebellion!
15.No Need for an Escape!
16.No Need for Hiding!
17.No Need for Hunger!
18.No Need for a Ghost!
19.No Need for Runaways!
20.No Need for Swimsuits!
21.No Need for a Checkpoint!
22.No Need for Knights!
23.No Need for Karma!
24.No Need for Ryoko!
25.No Need for a Showdown!
26.No Need for a Conclusion!
Tenchi In Tokyo!
1.Separation Anxiety