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Karmic Love--Finding Past Life Romantic Links

by Rose Murray

The information below is from a handout I gave out at my workshop on the subject of karmic links at the July 2000 convention of the American Federation of Astrologers in Las Vegas, NV.

.....Did you know each other in a past life? Did you feel an instant sense of familiarity when you met? Here are some of the karmic links in astrology charts which I believe show such a connection. Although there are more, these are some that are frequently seen between the charts of two individuals who feel a karmic connection. If you share two or more of these links, the relationship may be karmic. Some couples have as many as four or five of them.

1. One South Node conjunct other's Moon. The South Node person finds the Moon person familiar because the South Node represents one's past, and so does the Moon.

In the world of celebrity, Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward are a Hollywood couple whose marriage has defied the usual odds. They have several strong karmic links. His South Node in Aquarius is seven degrees from her Moon. In my private files, there are many charts in which this aspect is even closer.

2. One Moon or Moon ruler conjunct the other's IC or IC ruler. Here the Moon representing the past is compared with the IC, symbolizing one's roots in the past.

Sometimes the Moon of one will be on the IC (4th-house cusp) of the other. Sometimes the planetary ruler of the Moon in one chart will be conjunct the IC of the other. Sometimes both Moons may be conjunct or the Moon ruler of one will be on the IC of the other. Example: Banderas & Griffth--His IC ruler conjunct her IC.

3. Your 12th house is said to represent the karma you are working on in this lifetime, often from your most recent past life. If there are conjunctions between the rulers of or planets in your 12th house and a partner's 12th houses, you may feel a strong connection to the other person. The link may reveal some mutual karma to work out in this life together. Often the planets and houses involved show what that karma might be.

Example: Newman & Woodward--Their 12th-house planets conjunct.

Also Frank Sinatra and Ava Gardner, whose tempestuous marriage didn't last long but was said to be very intense. Their 12th-house rulers were conjunct.

4. Strong Sun/Saturn ties. These may be between natal charts or in the composite chart of the couple, in which Sun and Saturn may be conjunct. One variation of this is that the Sun and Saturn may not only be conjunct in the composite, but the composite Sun may be on the natal Saturn of one of the pair. Sun/ Saturn ties also show links in your own chart with your own past lives.

Example: Richard & Henrietta King of the famous King Ranch in Texas. In their composite chart, they had five planets conjunct in Cancer, including Sun and Saturn. See their story in my book, When Planets Promise Love (Llewellyn, 1999).

5. Parts of Karma in significant aspect to each other's charts. The Part of Karma formula is Ascendant plus Saturn minus Sun, and thus is often tied in with Sun/Saturn placements between lifetimes and between shared past lives.

Example: From my private files, two cases in which married couples have their Parts of Karma in the same degree of the zodiac. Also you may see this Arabic Part conjunct the other's Sun, Moon, Ascendant, Midheaven, or other important point. Examples of this show up in the charts of Newman and Woodward, Banderas and Griffth, and many others.

The Hidden Degrees That Make a Big Difference

In any of these links, see also the solstice points and complementary points (the opposite degree from the solstice point) of any of the planetary positions above. They act like conjunctions, but are often overlooked in a chart comparison. For instance, in #1 above, if your South Node or Moon is at 8 degrees of Aries, the solstice point of that position would be 22 Virgo. Its complementary point would be 22 Pisces. The solstice point of Taurus is always in Leo (its opposite point in Aquarius). The solstice pont of Gemini is always in Cancer (its complementary point in Capricorn). The solstice point of Leo is in Taurus, of Virgo in Aries, of Libra in Pisces, of Scorpio in Aquarius, of Sagitarrius in Capricorn, of Capricorn in Sagittarius, of Aquarius in Scorpio, of Pisces in Libra.

The degree of a solstice point is always a mirror image. There are 30 degrees in each sign. The mirror image of 1 degree is always 29 degrees, of 2 degrees, 28 degrees, of 3 degrees, 27 degrees, etc.. In other words, the zodiac point and its solstice point must together add up to 30 degrees.

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