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Young Family - Roderick, Merrianne, Kendra, and Elliot

Recent News

Stories, pictures, etc.

Roderick and Elliot's bike trip June to August 2010
Our Solar Panel Project
Downloadable CD / DVD mailer envelope template
Story of 1988 bike trip across USA (long)
PVmon Palm Program to monitor an inverter
Arts & Crafts Album
Family Events Album
Summer Trip 1999 Album
Roderick's website
RIAA preamp design (to transfer LP records to CD)
Checklist & Advice for Bike Touring
Public service announcement
Personal memories of 1989 Earthquake
A 17-year-old boy's ordeal (for love)
Wisdom for Cyclists
First dance, from a boy's perspective
Zdocj Freeware text editor for Palm DOCs
Highlights of our 1999 summer trip
Sample of a Robert C Loveless song
Postal Scale Project
X-num Freeware Game for Palm OS
Blood Sucking Buggers: Kendra and Elliot's first Video

Our phone number is 1-408-CLAUSTRophobia (252-8787)

We live in San Jose, California. There's a link to a map above.


Roderick (1958): Harmonica, Science Fiction, Sketching, Gardening, Cycling, Christianity (rather liberal), Writing, Thai food, Hawaiian music, Gelly Roll pens, Interviewing people, Solar Energy, Sudoku, Yahoo Answers.

Merrianne: Rubber stamps, Jewelry (making), Art (especially Children's), Pottery, Cycling, Swimming, Triathlons, Bible study, Books, Sushi, Purple, Truffles, Dark Chocolate, Metal puzzles.

Kendra: Parakeets, music, budgies, funny movies, jokes, books[horror, science fiction, fantasy], comics (drawing & reading), Hawaii, Romeo, Channel 104.9, photography

Elliot: Gamecube, Starcraft, Tofu, Sushi, Popcorn, Piano, Ukulele, Guitar, Sketching, Garter Snake, PSP.