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Baseball Stats, Softball Stats, Basketball Stats, Golf Records

Robin Software Presents
The Robin Series of Sport's Statistic Software

The Robin Series of Sport's Statistic Software consists of  a group of individual software programs that takes the burden out of keeping track of your team's records and stats, or your own individual stats.

 Programs are available for all levels of Baseball / Softball , Basketball, and Golf.

The Baseball, Softball, and Basketball programs in the Robin series were developed by experienced Coaches who know what stats are important in order to be an effective Coach.  The Golf program was developed after extensive consultation with Golfers of all levels of skill.

The stats required take minimal effort to collect and input, but provide the data you need to make the important decisions.

The Robin Series is currently available for the following sports:

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                      BASEBALL / Softball


                              GOLF (Available Soon)

System Requirements: Windows 95 or later; 486 /66 or higher ( pentium recommended ); 3.5" floppy drive (for installation)

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