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DEVIN: The small town boy who first appeared on the show as a sensitive and "cool" guy. At first sight of Emily, his foxy castmate, an instant attraction took place--lasting the course of the show. However, the show is where their love affair ended. It was Devin's realization that Emily was in love and was ready for a commitment--something Devin was not prepared for. Perhaps the only person who had the ability to capture Emily's attention, it was becasue of Devin that Effie managed to stay alive. Why? Well for those who do not remember Emily in the second to last episode was jealous of Effie and threatned to kill her. However thanks to Devins efforts he was capable to talk her out of this foolish idea. Devin was also remembered for his role as quite possibly the most mature and sane members of his cast. A Cleveland native he chose to take this trip to see America and decide if America "was truley a great country." After the show, Devin returned to his Cleveland home and discovered that he was not happy. Devin packed up his gear and decided to move to Los Angeles. He still misses his family. Devin has recently been spotted playing a minor role in the Disney Channel film BRINK!

EMILY: The real small town girl of this show, Emily hailed from Flora Illinois. Emily claims that she tried out for the show to discover where the roads in her town led. It was her goal to leave her small town for bigger and better things. Something that in the end would not work for her. Emily was best known for her relationship with Devin. After the show ended, Emily moved back to Flora Illinois. Back home she discovered that things were not the same. As the show revealed her relationship with Devin her friends deserted her--dissaproving of her relationship with Devin, who happened to be Black. Emily has made many trips to Europe each time encountering problems. On her first trip she was robbes and thus forced to return home. Later that summer she and Christain went to Europe together and were involved in a serious automobil accident. Both are doing much better now. Emily was last seen in the Aussie Rules episode of Road Rules Austrailia.

EFFIE: My favorite. The Israeli wonder, Effie was born and raised in a traditional Orthodox Jewish home. Labeled as the bitch of the show Effie grew the most out of the trip. Effie left home at the age of 18 to enlist in the mandatory military service for young adults. Effie claims that her military service was the best time of her life. At the end of the show Effie moved hack home and married Mark Perez, the producer of Road Rules. Effie claims to that they were not seeing each other during taping. Effie is living happily in New York with her husband. Look for an interview soon.

TIMMY: The comic of the group. Timmy hails from Pittsburgh PA where ironically enough Susie(Australia) is from. During the application process of the show, Tim was so sure he would make the show he did not hesitate to tell his family he had already been chosen. Prior to Tim's stint on the show, Timmy worked as a mascot for the Pittsburgh Pirates. He was later fired due to a "crude sexual act," which to this very day he contends is not true. Loving his experience on the show, Timmy continued to travel for months after the show. He later moved to Los Angeles where he began to pursue an acting career. He has recently been spotted doing commentary for FOX SPORTS NETWORK. Within the last few months, Timmy has gotten engaged to Susie of the Road Rules Austraia Cast. CONGRATUALTIONS TIMMY AND SUSIE! We wish you all the best!!

CHRISTIAN: Chris can be summed up in one word: CRAZY! Chris was famed for his care free attitude and his infamous toast(we will have that available for you soon). Born in Nesoeya, Norway Chris was born and raised there. Chris claims that he hates when things do not go on as planned. He also admits that he has commitment problems which he blames on his pickyness. After the show Chris went back to Norway where he is currently pursuing a law degree(way to go!). Chris helped cast Road Rules Europe and kicked off their season. He was recently seen in the Road Rules Australia season. Timmy was involved in an auto accident with castmate Emily, both are doing fine.