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Queer Muslims Home Page

This is a page for gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered Muslims, and for allies. I intend to put up a list of frequently-asked questions, compiled with the help of Gay Muslims mailing list members. In the meantime, here are all of the resources that I know of. Because of my background and work, I know more about resources for Arabs and transgendered people, but I will be adding information to be more inclusive. Please email me if you have any additional suggestions.


Information on Islam and Transexuals:

For two on-line articles about transexuals in Egypt, look here.

I'm looking for someone to translate an article by Vardit Rispler-Chaim about Moslem transexuals from Arabic to English; please contact me if you can help or would like more information.

In the book Islamic Medical Ethics in the Twentieth Century, by Vardit Rispler-Chaim (Brill, Leiden 1993) there is a short mention of sex-change surgeries in the Plastic and beauty surgeries chapter.

There is an article by Agostino Cilardo "Historical development of the legal doctrine relative to the position of the hermaphrodite in the Islamic law" in THE SEARCH, journal for Arab and Islamic Studies, winter 1986, 128-170

Paula Saunders has an article "gendering the ungendered.." in WOMEN IN MIDDLE EASTERN HISTORY Nikki Keddie and Beth Baron (eds.) Yale U Press 1991 74-95"

Peter Freimark, "Zur Stellung des Zwitters im rabbinischen und islamischen Recht," ZDMG 120 (1970), 84-102

Agostino Cilardo, "Historical Development of the Legal Doctrine Relative to the Position of the Hermaphrodite in the Islamic Law," The Search 7 (1986), 128-170

General Resources:

I cannot vouch for how well these serve transgendered people.

Gay and Lesbian Arab Society Home Page of New York City

Gay and Lesbian Arab Society of Washington, DC.

Gay-Muslims and Queerarabs are mailing lists at, subscribe by sending email to:, in the body write: subscribe [list] [screenname].

Lazeeza Home Page for Arab Queer Women

A Forum for Assyrian Gays and Lesbians

South Asian Gay, Lesbian, Bi, and Transgender Organization and Support Group

I participate in a private group of Arab queer women which welcomes transgendered women, contact me for information.

The Queer Masjid
A Page for Muslim Homosexuals