The TRPG 5.005 Help List FAQ

IX. Credits
      In no specific order, the following thanks would like to be given for all of those who had websites or helped out in the TRPG online forums who I used info from to make this rescource. My fav's of their contributions are noted before their names:
The Orriginal Game - Jeremy Irons,
Admin Command Pages - Trident,
Quest Script Guide - Susan,
Tools & Forum Help - Coca-Bear,
Site & Code Bits - Deus Ex Machina,
Editing Website - Particle,
Forums Help & "play.gui" - Zel,
The Newbie Guide - Toaster,
Mirrors & Forum Support - Robert Olsen,
Item Code Decifering - Hersh,
DML & Matilda Help - PerfectDeath,
Zed Unit Chart - Feddel White aka Bloodguard,
All of The Released Tools! - Dynamix TribesTools Pack.

      This FAQ (based on many many other peoples hard work as well) Compiled, Modified, Added to, and Edited by: Lidge Farkley (aka, Alcoholic007) for free use and distribution in association with Tribes RPG mod 5.005 by Jeremy Irons.
Thanks to all who helped contribute to this FAQ whether they knew it or not.