The TRPG 5.005 Help List FAQ

IV. Admin Commanding

A. Spawning Bots.
      "#spawn" creates a NPC (non playable character).
      This is the syntax to use the command:
#spawn Type Name loadout team
      What does each part of the syntax entry mean?:
Type: The model you want to use for a bot.
      For example, if you were making a GoblinRunt, you would use the Type "runt" as found in the below list.
Name: What you want to show in your crosshairs when they fall on a bot, the bot's name globaly and localy.
      You can use any of the a-z characters and - _ characters, but don't put any spaces in the name.
      For example; "John_Doe" is a correct name for a NPC/bot. "John Doe" is an incorrect name for a NPC/bot.
loadout: Your NPC/bot attributes.
      For example, you must first make a loadout;
#loadout MLoadout CLASS Fighter LVL 12 Broadsword 1 LCK 3
That created a NPC loadout of the name "MLoadout" with: "CLASS fighter" "LVL 12" with 1 "broadsword" weapon and 3 "LCK" points. To use this loadout in your NPC/bot creation, simply replace the part in syntax called "loadout" with "MLoadout" for this example.
team: The team # you want your bot to be on. Here are those Number-Team associations:

List of ALL Types (sorted by their look):
MaleHuman: generic, merchant, banker, assassin, mage, manager, Civilian, Gladiator
FemaleHuman: porter
Traveller: Thug, Monk, Miner, Commoner, Mercenary, Militia, Brigand, Marauder, Knight, Paladin
Goblin: Runt, Thief, Wizard, Raider
Gnoll: Pup, Shaman, Scavenger, Hunter
Orc: Warlock, Berserker, Ravager, Slayer
Ogre: Ruffian, Destroyer, Halberdier, Dreadnought, Magi
Zombie: Mauler, Thrasher
Undead: Skeleton, Necromancer
Demon: Spawn
MaleElf: Protector, Peacekeeper, Lord, Champion
FemaleElf: Conjurer
Minotaur: Goliath, Reaper
Uber: Sloth, Gohort
Here's an Example:
      In this example we're going to make a level 12 fighter humanfemale porter with 3 LCK and a Broadsword.
      Before you create your bot you need to create a loadout. A simple loadout could be:
#loadout MLoadout CLASS Fighter LVL 12 Broadsword 1 LCK 3
That created a loadout for a lvl 12, fighter who has 3 LCK and a Broadsword in it's inventory. The loadout name is Mloadout.
      Choose a team. If you want your bot to be a citizen put 0.
Here is the way the syntax should look for this example:
#loadout MLoadout CLASS Fighter LVL 12 Broadsword 1 LCK 3
#spawn porter Your_Mom MLoadout 0
That will make a LVL 12 porter (humanfemale) Fighter named "Your_Mom" on team "0" (citizen) with 3 LCK and 1 Broadsword item.

B. Spawning Dis's.
      "#spawndis" Spawns an InteriorShape.
      The syntax for using this command is:
#spawndis filename tagname [x] [y] [z] [r1] [r2] [r3]
Extra commands to know when using this command:
      "#deldis tagname" Deletes a spawned InteriorShape.
      "#listdis" Lists the tagnames for all spawned InteriorShapes.
How to use the #spawndis Command:
#spawndis filename tagname [x] [y] [z] [r1] [r2] [r3]
Filename: The actual ".dis" file. EX: base1, lhouse, mines, ect. (full list below)
Tagname: What the dis' name is, such as a, b, c, or House, ect. ie; #spawndis lhouse house
[x] [y] [z] [r1] [r2] [r3]: These are coordinates and rotations. You can use this command with out entering these coordinates or rotations, and it will spawn the shape at the end of your crosshair center facing the default direction of "0 0 0". If you know the actual point you would like to spawn the object at (usefull for making a new map) then you can enter them in the order they appear in these brackets x-position y-position z-height. Once you have spawned your dis, you'll probably see the rotation is not what you want. The last number rotates the the shape around the center axis. Change it minutely... start off with "1" for the first shot. The first two r1, r2 control the tilt of the shape which you can also change in small ammounts.
The Spawdis Example:
You're amking a map. You decide you want to spawn the tavern dis right on top of the keldrin fountain. The syntax would plainly be:
#spawndis tavern tavern -2406.98 -271.305 69.5941
The building is facing the wrong direction and you want to change it... so: "#deldis tavern" then:
#spawndis tavern tavern -2406.98 -271.305 69.5941 0 0 0
Start with 0 0 0 as the rotation numbers to see wht direction the dis faces.
#spawndis tavern tavern -2406.98 -271.305 69.5941 0 0 1.57
This will rotate the dis 90 degrees from the 0 0 0 position, in the same spot as the first dis you spawned. Keep toying with each number until you have it tweaked just the way you like it.

C. Quest Scripting.

      This is where you combine your knowlege of admin command, player command, and spawning things for quests that people visiting your server can try to accomplish.
Because this section is not complete, but info is out there, you can visit this link: Susan's Quest Masters Guide.