Ruby at 6 months old
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born March 28, 2009

Ruby at 15 weeks old

Ruby Takes on Herding

February 5, 2011

PawPrint Boxers took on a bit of a different challenge today. Ruby and I took a deep breath and traveled to Vacaville to try her paws at the Herding Aptitude Test. It was directed by AKC herding judge, Deborah Pollard. And we brought our emotional support, Ruby's grandma Wendy Morawski.

We were the 17th dog to take the test from the 28 that were entered. That meant I sat through and enjoyed 16 other dogs that were all true herding breeds of dogs. Some were more in tune than others. Two of them pretty much never even saw the sheep in front of their noses. Some needed their owner to come into the arena to gather strength from. Others had a good grip but just were going to need some fine tuning. That is the purpose for this test; to look for Herding Aptitude. Fluffy Corgis, Australian Shepherds, Icelandic Sheep dogs, Border Collies and Shelties were all represented.

Then the tall black brindle Boxer entered the arena. (imagine a hushed silence)

Debbie took Ruby into the arena on a long lead. The minute Ruby saw the sheep, that was that. No encouragement needed and definitely no owner needed. I did not exist at this point. There was only sheep and Debbie. This woman really knows how to both control and encourage a dog. She was wonderful with Ruby. And when it was over, our evaluation sheet reflected all good marks and a short write up: "Really lovely girl. High prey drive but controllable. Could do well with calm but firm handling".

Several people at the test were quite complimentary over Ruby's performance. One woman said "I have never seen anything like that before" which I waited to hear the shoe drop. But it was followed up with asking if I planned to pursue herding as a sport since she thought Ruby did well. I do not live in an area where such training is handy. However I am proud that my young girl showed that she was quite capable of thinking outside the Boxer box :-)

Thank you Wendy for spending the day with Ruby and myself.

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Health testing

Boxer ARVC test 7-10-09
NEGATIVE for mutated gene
Kathryn M. Meurs, DVM, PhD, Diplomat ACVIM (Cardiology)
OFA Registered BX-RVC2-3F

SAS - Heart cleared - Murmer Free !!
June 24, 2010
Dr. Richard D. Kienle, DVM Diplomat ACVIM (Cardiology)
Diplomate American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine
OFA # BX-CA2006/14F/C
ArchCertify Registered

Cardiac EKG test 6-08-09 - no arrythmia
MURMUR FREE via Ausculation
Dr Randall Popkins

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Christina Ghimenti - PawPrint Boxers

Ruby's Breeder/Co-owner:
Lauri Travis - Hi Desert Boxers

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