Ch Rosend's Booker T, SOM CGC TT - Veteran Show Wins
Ch Rosend's Booker T, CGC TT - "Booker T"


True quality knows no age
Booker T continues to prove this while competing as a Veteran.

Kennel Club   -   Judge's Name
Golden Gate Boxer Club   -   Clay Haviland Best Veteran   -   February 14, 2004       (9.5 years old)
Golden Gate Boxer Club   -   Roger Hartinger Best Veteran   -   August 12, 2003       (9 years old)
Golden Gate Boxer Club   -   Faye Strauss Best Veteran   -   August 16, 2002
Sacramento Valley Boxer Club   -   Mr.Vandiver Best Veteran   -   April 12, 2002
Golden Gate Boxer Club   -   Mildred Bryant Best Veteran   -   February 23, 2002
Golden Gate Boxer Club   -   Judy Doniere Best Veteran   -   February 2001
Golden Gate Kennel Club     Keke Kahn Best Veteran     August 2001
Sacramento Valley DFA   -   Sharon Weston Veteran Group 1   -   October 27, 2001
Virtual Dog Show Best in Show Veteran   -   December 2001

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