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Champion Rosend's Booker T, SOM CGC TT
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Completed health testing for Booker T

            Echo-cardiogram and EKG testing done at UC Davis.

Booker T had 2 attending Cardiologists:

* Dr William P. Thomas, DVM, PhD, Diplomate ACVIM (Cardiology)
        Currently serving as a Professor, University of California, Davis

* Dr Mark D. Kittleson, DVM, PhD, Diplomate ACVIM (Cardiology)
        Current serving as a Professor, University of California, Davis

March 27, 1997 - Booker T became only the 27th Boxer in the entire country to have his Sub-Aortic heart testing results sent to OFA for registration. While the OFA hip registry had been active for a good amount of time, it was only in January 1996 the first Boxer was registered for Cardiac testing. Preventative heart testing was only just starting to be discussed among those with seemingly unaffected dogs.

24 Hour Holter Testing - OFA registry only began in 2008 for this test

5 years of age - 24 single VPC
* Dr Richard D. Kienle, DVM, Diplomate ACVIM (Cardiology)
        Graduate UC Davis

9 years of age - 47 single VPC
* Dr Kathryn M. Meurs, DVM, PhD. DACVIM (Cardiology)
        American Boxer Club funded cardiac researcher

During my yearly attendence at the American Boxer Club National Specialty, held that year in Maryland, I attended an eye opening health seminar. Dr Kate Meurs was discussing heart issues in Boxers. While I was secure in Booker T's heart clearance from UC Davis from both the Echocardiogram and the EKG ran, Dr Meurs suggested expounding on that. She suggested the traditional 15 minute long lead EKG was not sufficient to pick up an affected dog. She suggested a 24 hour unit. I came home and set up an appointment with a board certified Cardiologist. I followed up that initial 24 hour holter at 9 years old with a second test.


        BX-245 CERF

        Testing via full blood panet run by Idexx Labs

        Cleared for Spondylosis at 11 years old via xray

Let's not forget TEMPERAMENT !

        AKC Canine Good Citizen (CGC)
        American Temperament Test Society(ATTS)
        Therapy Dog International (TDI)

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