Year In Review 2005
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New Litters
    Born 12/04/05 - parents
   (Am/Can Ch Bentbrook's Image of High Noon, SOM ex Ch PawPrint's Seduction)

Booker T kids winning in the ring
Gentry's Lebhaft Sugar 'N Spice, CDX UD RN   Rally Novice winner
    dam: (Gentry's Queen of the Nile)

Penny kids winning in the ring
PawPrint's Holly Golightly   Reserve Winners Bitch
    (Am/Can Ch Irondale's Jagged Edge - Ch Rosend's n PawPrint's New Year, CGC TT)

Booker T kids winning in the ring
Am. Ch Raintree's Promised Land   winning in Canada
    (Ch Rosend's Booker T, SOM CGC TT - Ch Raintree's Amazing Grace, DOM)

MR Boxer Katrina Von T   major reserve
    (Ch Rosend's Booker T, SOM CGC TT - Arista's Annie Angelia)

Booker T grandkids winning in the ring
Ch Rosewood Born To Be Wild New Champion
    Ch Bayview Strides Ahead, SOM ex Rosewood Catch Me If You Can

MR Boxer Gingerbread Genny Reserve Winners Bitch - first show
    MR Boxer Katrina Von T ex BISS Ch Rosend's Key Largo

Ch Donray's Butch Cassidy the Kid Best of Breed - Group 4
Ch Donray's Jamaica Me Crazy New Champion
    Am/Can Ch PawPrint's Plainly Spoken, CGC x Ch Donray's Mist of the Lake

Booker T great grand kids winning in the ring
Cinnamon-PawPrint Del Sol Reserve Winners Bitch
Cinnamon-PawPrint Expose' Major Pointed
    (dam) Ch PawPrint's Seduction

Bix-L's Beloved Best of Breed winner from the classes
Twinrocks Behold to Bix-L Major Pointed
    (Ch Bix-L's Ricochet to Greyhawk ex Princess Jazmine Morhar)

Rummer Run's Vanity Fair Major pointed from the puppy classes
    (Ch DonRay's Butch Cassidy The Kid ex BISS Ch Carillon's Elegance of Rummer Run)


Overview and thoughts

2005 was a slower Boxer year. And it was a year that saw the loss of two incredibly important Boxers. I will be honest and say this was probably the worse Boxer loving year I have ever had. Thankfully there were some high points to work with, but still a rather solemn year.

February 2005 saw Christina off to New York city again. This time she went solo to attend Westminster Kennel Club. I will admit I was a bit nervous, but thankfully I had a fantastic time. I went several days early so I could get some true sightseeing in this year. I was grateful for the acquaintance of Andrea who happens to live just outside the city. She is a fellow Boxer lover who gave me all her time to make sure I got around the city. Only with she would I have braved the New York Subway system. But brave it we did and it was just part of the adventure. High points were going to the Statue of Liberty. Long a dream of mine and probably most of America. We lucked out and saw the Christo exhibit in Central Park called the Gates of Central Park. It was only there for 30 days and opened the day I arrived. We walked Fifth avenue, went into St Peter's Cathedral and saw Rockefella Center with ice skating going on. Of course we spent Monday and Tuesday solidly in the Garden to watch breed judging. I had front row seats both days and knew better than to leave them but for a quick second . This year I ponied up some real $$ and had 5th row seats for the Groups and Best in Show judging. Fabulous! I came back from New York with wonderful members, lots of souvenirs and of course a ton of digital photos. I look forward to going again and spending time with Andrea. She helped make this trip very memorable.

Speaker had had second sired Champion finish. Bred by Donray Boxer, Jamaica became Champion Donray's Jamaica Me Crazy in August 2005. She finished with 3 impressive Major wins. Her brother, Ch Donray's Butch Cassidy The Kid made his specials debut in May 2005. He wowed everyone by not only winning Best of Breed but also a Group 4!

Delilah had produced a promising litter the end of 2003. From that litter, two daughters started to make their way in the show ring. Cinnamon-PawPrint Del Sol started off with a Reserve Winners Bitch and several class wins from the BBE class. Sunny is being shown selectively as she matures. Her sister, Cinnamon-PawPrint Expose', went out with her handler and hit it hard. She ended the year with 9 points and a Major win. Hopes are high Posey will finish next year.

April 2005 Christina stepped back into the French Bulldog ring and put the finishing Majors on two Champions on a single weekend. That will definitely life your spirits. New Fabelhaft Champions Ch Fabelhaft Robobull Alfa Romeo (Winston) and Ch Fabelhaft Fleur De La Coeur (Simone) made it a very good weekend. July 2005 Christina went to Salinas and put the first 2 points on a Fabelhaft newcomer, Fabelhaft Phoebe (Phoebe). October 2005 Christina went to the French Bulldog National Specialty in Sacramento. I handled a few dogs, enjoyed myself immensely and completely immersed myself in everything "Frenchie". I walked away with a ton more breed knowledge and having made several new friends.

May 2005 brought an unexpected joy for me. I traveled up north to handle Holly in the puppy classes as she began her ring training. Sunny's owners also went to have her handled by their handler. The unexpected part was that they had entered 10 year old Jake in Breed. Jake's official title is Ch PawPrint's Rockin N Nite Away and he is my 2nd home-bred Champion. At this very show I put his first point on him oh so many years ago. This time it was my pleasure to handle him for Breed. Though we did not win, he showed like a million bucks. His owners received quite a few compliments on how great Jake looked. Still in shape and definitely still a show dog. I was an incredibly proud Boxer momma.

May 2005 also saw the arrival of a new Boxer litter. Though not bred by PawPrint, I am very proud of this lovely Booker T daughter and what she produced. Mother, MR Boxer Katrina Von T, produced two lovely fawn kids that show great promise. Starting off early is Genny, MR Boxer Gingerbread Genny. This lovely girl went Reseve Winners Bitch at her first show weekend. She was handled by Christina for the class win and her breeder Lenore for the Reserve. I have no doubt that 2006 will see some winning being done by this lovely girl.

May was a busy month. Holly, her owner Genie and myself traved to Kentucky to attend the American Boxer Club National Specialty. This was a big trip for such a young girl. I handled Holly at the ABC puppy match that was over 100 puppies. She was then handled in Futurity and the classes by the team of Wendy and Jimmy Bettis. Though she did not place, she did show well if not a bit reluctantly. Personally I believed she wanted to spend her days chasing butterflies. Holly definitely had a good time and this was a great experience for her. She was a fabulous roommate, never making a mess or a sound in the hotel room. Just before we left for Kentucky, Holly had picked up a Reserve Winners Bitch while being handled by Christina.

December came with a new promising daughter being born to Delilah, Ch PawPrint's Seduction. "Pepper" was lovely from the minute she was whelped. Phylis called with such excitement when this little wonder girl made her appearance. Pepper will be named Cinnamon Spice It Up and will be shown in 2006. She is proudly co-bred and co-owned with PawPrint Boxers.

The year closed in horrible fashion. PawPrint suffered two huge losses to our family from which we are still not fully recovered from. The emotional and physical loss was tangible. Booker T and Crystal both left us only 45 days apart.
Golden's Gracious Gidget, CGC TT
Crystal left us October 1st, 2005 at 12-1/2 years of age. Having been diagnosed a year earlier with Degenerative Myelopothy, Crystal began her own fight. Thankfully DM has no pain and nothing intrusive. And thankfully Crystal was in tip-top condition. She was a girl who never showed her true age. Slowly Crystal became more earth bound as she was no longer able to do her famous mid-air maneuvers. In time she was no longer able to jump on the bed. Towards the end she could not get up on the couch. We built a small ramp to our back patio for her. At the end she was incontinent and finally was unable to walk at all. Crystal did great for a dog of her age and with such a condition. She exercised daily and still enjoyed life to its fullest. She never missed a meal even when we had to prop her up at the end. DM is a confusing illness in that the front half of your Boxer is still doing well. It is the rear end that completely gives in. When this happened, we said our impossible good-byes to the first Boxer I had ever had or loved.
Booker T left us November 15th, 2005 at 11-1/2 years of age. Having been diagnosed just over 3 months earlier as being systemic with mast cell tumors, he began his brave fight. This was especially heart breaking as Crystal's own condition worsened. We now had two veteran Boxers suddenly in terminal conditions. Booker T's prognosis was not very good, but he defied any time tables offered and continued to spend his days with me. Booker T's health was excellent and I have no doubt this helped him fight the cancer. His life became good days and bad days. Good days we celebrate; every single one. Bad days we dealt with and prayed. Good friends told me Booker T would tell me when it was time to go. But he never did. Never a single day did Booker T tell me anything other than he loved me. In the end I had to be the one to make that decision when quality of life was no longer there.

In closing, I urge you all to hug your beloved pets as often as possible. Take photos and enjoy your time spent with them. No matter how long or short their time on this planet is, I guarantee you it is never long enough.

Christina Ghimenti

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