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Photo editing by Nanci Hamilton-Hoffman

This page last updated on 8/27/03.

News flash

The project needs one (but only one) class in each state.

The following states need representative classes for the 03/04 school year.


If you teach in one of these states and you want to join us, copy the following form, click on the name of your state, and paste the form onto an e-mail message.

Your name:
Your e-mail address:
Name of your school:
School address:
A telephone number in case we need to do a little last minute changes or tracking down our missing puppy.
The dates your school begins, ends, and has long breaks:

Unfortunately, if you are in the remaining 48 represented states and wanted to join us, we can't accommodate you for this trip. But there may be a way for you to participate. There will be other groups of teachers sending Owney around the country. If you would like to join one of the other groups, send an e-mail message to Rosemarie Granger or JoAnn Carter.

E-mail Rosemarie Granger or click here to visit Rosemarie's page

E-mail Jo Ann Carter or click here to visit her web page.

Bev Adams
Camarillo Heights Elementary
Camarillo, CA

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