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Products You May Want to Use with this Project

No products are required with this project. But some of you have been wanting to know where they can get the rubber stamp and other products. I am posting them here for your convenience. If you find other products that would be helpful to the other teachers, please let me know and I will post them here.

Some people have asked me where they can get a rubber stamp of the US. I ordered mine from a local (huge) stamp store, but I've made some inquiries and have found a few sources available over the Internet.

Robert Seckler from STAMP ASYLUM wrote that PSX has a stamp of the United States lower 48 states. It measures 4 3/8 inches wide by 2 5/8 inches tall. Cost is $11.90 and shipping is $3. They are currently out of stock but they'll be ordering soon. It would take about 3 weeks. If you're interested, please give them a call at 972.596.1224 with your credit card info.
Vox: 972.596.1224 Fax: 972.867-2508
Click here to go to Stamp Asylum or if the link doesn't work, go to

Double D Rubber Stamps, Inc. also has a US stamp with all 50 states. The ordering number is S5009, price is $9.95, and the size of the wood block is 5 x 4 1/4. They have a minimum shipping charge of $3.00. If you would like more information or a printed copy please email your address to and they'll get it right out to you. Click here to go to Double D Stamps or if the link doesn't work, go to

A Stamp in Time has a USA stamp that is approx. 5" x 3" ($8.90). It does not include Alaska or Hawaii. Since we are doing this as a classroom project, they would only charge you actual shipping charges. They don't have a web page, but you can e-mail Janet at

The National Postal Museum There is information about Owney and it will also lead you to a site for the National Postal Museum. They have a book (by their director, not the one by Lynn Hall) for $2, a pin $2, a mug $8 and postcards $0.30 with a picture of Owney. There is a $5 shipping fee. When I called they gave the address as:
National Postal Museum
Smithsonian Institute
Washington DC, 20560-0570
The following was copied off their web site.

All merchandise within the shop is available by mail order. Please feel free to call us and we will gladly discuss any merchandise that is available in the shop.
We are open 7 days a week 10:00am to 5:30pm (EST) The National Postal Museum Shop can be reached at:
Smithsonian Institution
2 Massachusetts Ave. N.E.
Washington, D.C. 20002
Phone: (202) 633-8180
Fax: (202) 633-9393
Click here to go to the National Postal Museum.