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A Second Owney

We had more teachers respond than we had room for on Owney's itinerary. Rosemarie Granger is leading a group.
Click here to visit Mrs. Granger's web page.

A Third Owney!

We had even more teachers respond. JoAnn Carter is also from Florida and she will be sending another Owney around with another group of teachers. If you have another friend who teaches in your state and might like to participate, let JoAnn know at


This stuffed toy bulldog has been 'enlisted' in the US Navy and is serving aboard the newest aircraft carrier, The USS John C Stennis, which is currently on deployment in the Persian Gulf. Hartley the Bulldog keeps a log book of his achievements and escapades and is of educational value. We hope to develop this feature and would appreciate feedback and contributions. Hartley's story of how he came to be on the most powerful ship on the planet, and his logbook too can be found at: After entering school click on the two links for Hartley the mascot and Hartley's logbook. In the next educational year, we look forward to schemes of work around Hartley, worksheets, quizzes etc. Any school wishing to become involved would be very welcome!
Louise Conway Headteacher (Principal) Grange Primary School (K-6)
Click here to visit the web page for Hartley.

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