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Note (04/02): Preview Sayre's upcoming EP entitled "One Side Away." Get 3 free MP3s here!
Note (12/13): To those still coming around here: Thanks for the support. Lemme give ya an update on us. I am now doing reviews for Hip Hop Infinity, so come on by and check them out. The site has a lot more to offer than this little place. Sayre is making music and hopefully will have a product to look for eventually. Keep your eyes open. Diesel is still doing his thing with DJing and the radio in Southern California. Happy Holidays!
Note (6/3): So the site has sucked lately, I know, but we have our reasons. Check the new LFG audio in the Feature Audio section, or click here to listen. It may take a second to download, but it's worth it. Again, please leave comments on the discussion board.

Note (5/25): It's been 10 days since the last update - where the f*** have I been? Go read my long-ass essay on the discussion board to see what's been occupying my time. A 504 Boyz review has been added to the REVIEWS section. It's a little late, but I know you all have been fiending for that one. And board member Spy2 hooked us up with an interview with Adviser from Oddjobs in the ARTICLES section. Don't know Oddjobs? The interview should be a good introduction - check it.

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Member Of Hip Hop Banner Exchange


What album has been the best of early 2000?