The stories below are mine. The first two are of Apocalypse(both have been edited, thanks to Tekezume's advice) and the last three are from a fanfic series I call Inter-Alliance.

You all know what Apocalyse is about. Rakki wroten Apoc stories that better than mine. He hasn't finished it and said he would put the fifth chapter up a long time ago, but he hasn't. Go bug him to finish it!
Rakki Unleashed

Inter-Alliance is a combination of Interceptor and Alliance. I created this before I even heard about the fifth X-Com game and have modified it. It will be similar to the plot, but I will make most of it up. This series is set after Apocalyse and is barely begun. I will work on this after I have finished the first series and have gotten a idea of the Alliance plot, although comments will be appceiated. While putting them up, I noticed that the backround dissappered and it is pissing me off that I cant put one in.

I am working on another series for X-COM. It will be a combination of the games OUTPOST2 and Dark Colony. I have just started it. Maybe the holidays will give me some time.

The Begining

First Contact
New Equipment
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