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The sky of Mega-Primus was black and gray with storm clouds. The people of the city heard rumbling and explosions, assuming it was thunder. What they did not know was that the gangs of Diablo and Osiron where at war until a stray Justice missile hit a Cyberweb office building, setting it a flame. MegaPol sirens could be heard from police cars and the people looked up as Phoenix Hawk and Hawk Air Warriors flew over head towards the battle. The people were so preoccupied with the MegaPol forces that they failed to see the lone Valkyrie rise from a government owned slum and fly east.


"Listen up people." Sergeant Alex Adam shouted over the roar of the engines. "Diablo and Osiron are having another one of their play ground fights. Diablo's leader contacted the Commander, asking for assistance. The Commander agreed for a bonus this week and Diablo will pay. Now we will attack."

"What are we going to do?" Asked Pierre.

"We are going to torch one of Osiron's warehouses." Adam replied. "We are going to set down half a klick away from the target and pose as Psyke," he continued, "and burn the place up. Daniel, could you finish explaining the plan."

"Yes." Squad leader Daniel Cowper answered. "We are going to spilt into teams of two. Billy will use his rocket launcher to blow open the main warehouse doors. Him and Wesley" he said, looking at the new android, "will then move in and secure it. Matt, Pierre, Mike and I will enter thought the door and split up. Chris and Adam will enter though a side door. The mission is to burn the place up, try not to engage any hostile guards unless necessary."

"You are to use all the incendiary grenades and not come back with them." Squad leader Chris Cowper said. "Do not salvage anything unless it is small, such as a pistol."

"All right, that is the plan. Double check your gear and the guy's to your right." Adam finished.

Chris checked his gear, making sure that the autocannon he has was loaded with explosive rounds. He belt held another clip of explosive, plus two incendiary and two armor pierce ammo drums. His belt also held a plasma pistol in his belt and one incendiary grenade secured on each shoulder. He felt the weight of the two heavy explosives in his pack and the plasma sword strapped to his back.

Chris looked over the rest of the new Gamma platoon. Adam also had an autocannon, and plasma pistol, but chose not to carry the explosives or sword. Daniel did not need any heavy explosives, deciding to bring along a mini-launcher and a lawpistol for defense. Daniel had more then enough rockets and did not carry any grenades.

Looking over at Pierre and Matt, he wondered why they had the recently discovered disrupter pistols, weapons that the aliens had been the only ones to use previously. Chris disliked them because they were to big, fired too slow, and were only slightly more powerful then his autocannon. The worst thing was that they had dick for range, being only 25 meters. On the practice range, Matt and Pierre had been so close that they could of touched the target, their shots going though the dummies and chewing up the wall. They also had the most grenades.

Billy seemed the most please, having upgraded from his mini-launcher to the Marsec Heavy Launcher. Billy liked to make things explode, so he carried 5 HE rockets and 2 incendiary on this mission. His partner, the android rookie named Wesley Peterson on this mission, carried two more rockets and a disrupter gun for back up for him. Wesley was to cover him with a sniper rifle.

The newest member, Mike Ferraro, carried an M400, some incendiaries, and two heavy explosives. He is going to be Daniel's partner, but was to stay out of trouble.

The only thing is they had in common was that they all had on Marsec Armor, but lacking the body piece because they were not trained to use the flying abilities. Instead they wore the MegaPol breastplates. The Marsec amour was lighter, but could be breached by a single plasma gun shot.

"Everybody set." Adam asked.

They all answered yes.


The Valkyrie flew low between buildings. The Valkyrie was the pride of Gamma platoon. It had originally belonged to Delta platoon, but they had moved on to Hawk Air Warrior 3, which the Commander had purchased two days ago. Delta had kept it to the original weapons configuration, but Gamma had modified it extensively. Gamma kept the cargo module Delta had put in, and moved it towards the center of the plane for balance. The rest of the interior space was taken up with a bio-transport module for captured aliens and a passenger compartment for the other four members of Gamma that would arrive tomorrow.

The weapons were modified also. The Janitor missile was replaced by a Prophet missile array. The Lancer 7000 laser was replaced with the more powerful but compact Rendor plasma gun. The engine was upgraded to the SD special. All these improvements were based on Gamma's motto, "Strike fast, Hit Hard."

The Valkyrie touched down behind a Synthmesh factory. The rear door opened and the eight members of Gamma platoon were out before the engines were turned off.

The eight X-com troopers ducked behind a wall and ran towards the warehouse. 50 meters from the entrance, they took refuge behind the hulk of a rusting car.

"Billy, get ready to light up the night." Adam said over the tac-net as he and Chris moved towards the side door.



Two guards, talking, to each other about the battle between the gangs and how they couldn't be part of it, were behind the doors and never knew what was going to happen.

"Billy, NOW." Adam ordered

Billy fired his rocked launcher at the large doors. The rocked, hastily aimed, hit the right door near the human sized entrance the guards were about to exit out. The metal door exploded inward, sending shrapnel into the two guards, killing them instantly. Billy reloaded quickly and fired a second rocked that hit the doors dead center, knocking them completely open.

At the same time, Chris aimed his autocannon at the side door and fired. The door blew inwards and Adam rushed in, looking for any guards. As soon as Chris entered, Daniel, Matt and the others where already in.

"Matt and Pierre, head towards the offices. Daniel, you and Mike search downstairs, Billy and Wesley stay at the door and cover us in case we have to retreat."

"Aye, Aye." Came over the tac-net.

Billy, having nothing to do, pulled his disrupter from Wesley's back and proceeded to shot at a pile of boxes. Hitting a support for a shelf holding large crates, Billy sent them tumbling down to the floor.

"Billy, Don’t do that." Wesley said. "You might block the escape route."

"All right." Billy said as he lowered his gun arm. Seeing motion on the catwalk, he dropped the disrupter and raised the Heavy launcher to his shoulder.

"What are you doing?" The android cried as Billy fired the rocket.

The rocket sped towards the catwalk and exploded on a steel mesh railing, destroying it. Then the catwalk along with half of the far wall crashed to the floor with three Osiron guards, two of which where carrying their own launchers.

"Covering the escape route." He replied, shouldering the launcher and picking up the disrupter pistol.


Daniel and Mike too a grav-lift down to the basement. They came into a dank hallway that ran straight for 50 meters and then turned right. There were rooms on either side of the corridor.

Checking the rooms, they discovered that there were filling cabinets in many of them. Daniel fired a single rocket into each one and Mike tossed an incendiary grenade to finish the job, all set to go off long after they were gone.

Coming to a room at the bend in the hallway, they found three cyclones and two elerium pods. Mike grab the objects quickly and Daniel fired a rocket, obliterating the room.

Turing right at the bend, they came upon a large chamber. In the chamber were pipes and conduits leading to a generator. Coming to their objective, Mike pulled the heavy explosives he was carrying and went to set them behind the generator.

Daniel went to check out the other end of the tunnel leading out of the room when two guards came out of it. Daniel raised his mini-launcher, but the guards fired first. The first guard fired his rifle three times, pulses of light that soared towards Daniel and hit him once in the chest, knocking him to the floor. The second guard fired his weapon, a large cannon, at the same time. The laser bolt missed and the shot flew past Daniel, leaving a large crater in the wall.

"Daniel." Mike screamed and came back around the generator.

Seeing the guards, he opened up with his M4000. The guards dodge behind a large machine. Mike kept firing and hit the machine, causing the thing to explode. Both guards died.

"Are you all right? Mike asked Daniel.

"Yes." He said. "I am going to have a slight burn though."

Going over to the bodies, Daniel saw the weapons. He did not recognize them.

"Adam, this is Daniel." Daniel said. "Mike just killed two guards. They are carrying some kind of energy weapon, but I don't recognize them."

"Grab them and get out. We will identify them later." Came back.

"Roger." Daniel acknowledged.

Daniel picked the weapons up. He handed the rifle to mike and asked, "Are the charges set."

"15 minutes." Mike replied. "Proximity sensors set to protect them from tampering."

"Then lets get the hell out of here."


Matt and Pierre ran towards the west end of the building. Reaching the offices areas, they took a lift towards the second floor, leaving main the main floor offices for last.

Finding the doors locked, they blasted the locks with the disrupters and looked in. A the rooms were the same, with a desk, chair, and a computer. Finding nothing important, they blasted the computers and chucked incendiaries with 2-second timers into the rooms.

Leaving the second floor a flame, they went to the first floor. Up entering the offices, they found several women cowering behind the desks.

"Don't shot us." They cried. "We are only secretaries."

"If you want to live," Matt half-heartedly threatened; "Run out the emergency exit and don't stop for five minutes." Matt yelled.

The secretaries got up and ran for the nearest exit. After they were gone, Pierre found six elerium pods.

"The Commander is going to be happy about this." Pierre said.

"I have only four incendiaries." Matt said.

"I am all out." Pierre said.

Matt tossed two to Pierre. "Count of three."

"One…Two…Three." Both men tossed the grenades into the room.

On the way out, they saw a door that they had missed. Matt shot the hinges and Pierre kicked it open.

"OHH SHIIIITTTT." They said together.


Adam and Chris entered into the main storage area. It held boxes and crates as high as the ceiling. Quickly checking for any equipment, the only thing found was a single plasma pistol. Chris put it in his pack as Adam checked the rest of the room.

"Okay, four more minutes." Adam said to everybody. "Chris, let's get out of here."

Before leaving the area, they turned around and fired their autocannons. Specifically chosen for this job, the explosive rounds blew the boxing material and crate everywhere. Alex's incendiary rounds setting the room a blaze.

The fired off a whole clip into the room when the automated sprinklers came on. Switching to fresh magazines they shot up the main pipes leading to the rooms. Just as they were about to leave they room; they heard Matt say, "Adam, you had better check out what we found."

"Be there in a minute." Adam said.

Running as fast as a hundred pounds of cydonium amour will allow though smoke and fire, they came to Matt and Pierre. Looking in, Adam swore.

"The commander is going to be pissed." he said.

Entering the room, they found eight crates, all with a faded X-Com logo on the side. Looking in, they found weapons from a bygone era. In the crates were laser, gauss, alien plasma and aquatic sonic weapons ranging from pistols to rifles and there were two cannons of each type.

"Change of plans." Adam said. "Billy and Wesley, get your ass moving and home in on my beacon." He ordered into the tac-net. "Two of you guys grab a crate together. We are salvaging these weapons."

"On our way." Billy said. "Daniel and Mike are heading back towards the Valkyrie to bring it closer."

"Check." Adam said. "Five mimutes and we are out of here. Chris, set your charges to destroy the rest of the weaponry and hack off the lids with serial numbers."

Chris pulled his plasma sword and hacked off three lids of the four remaining crates. Setting the charges on the floor and the timers to three minutes, he picked up the remaining crate by himself. He made it to the front of the warehouse just as the Valkyrie landed. The five men and one android struggled under the weight of the crates.

The Valkyrie landed and the rear ramp lowered. The troopers raced up the ramp. Placing the crates in the cargo section, they then headed to the passenger module. Chris and Billy were the only ones to head back towards the rear hatch. They tossed out two bodies of Psyke members onto the cold ferrocrete road.

As the Valkyrie powered up, a surviving guard rushed out of the burning building and saw the two bodies being tossed out of the plane. The guard fired full automatic with an M4000 and pockmarked the cockpit windows.

Daniel saw the guard and powered up the plasma beam in the left wing. Sighting on the torso of the offending human, he fired. White plasma fire vaporized flesh and killed the guard.

"Now there is no evidence." Daniel said.

The plane headed west into the slums of Mega-Primus. Smoke filled the air and emergency vehicles responded to the fire.


"Congratulations on a mission well done. You had no casualties and sources say that Osiron is hostile towards Psyke. The damage you inflicted cost Osiron 50,000 credits." Commander Valerie said. "With what you salvaged, we can build a second base with several workshops."

"Thank you ma'am." Adam replied. "But what about the weapons." He said, pointing at the opened crates and weapons on the table. The total inventory was of 4 pistols, 2 rifles, and 2 cannons of each type weapon, a heavy assault kit for a squad of four.

"The techs think they were from a lost shipment." She said. "Osiron was lucky to find it. We will store the weapons, but chances are we will never use them because they can expose our operating in Mega-Primus."

"Yes ma'am." Adam said, turning to leave.

"When the recruits arrive tomorrow, you will have to pick them up. Transtellar will not let us you their services till the end of the week in Mega-Primus. You will are also scheduled for a training exercise with MegaPol." She finished.