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First Contact


Space warps and twists. A rip appears and a blue funnel forms. Out of the funnel comes an Essex class destroyer, lighting and energy cascading across its hull. 612,000 tons in mass and measuring 615 meters in length, the vessel powered up its conventional mass-reaction drives on a course though the system.

"Status report." Captain Reid ordered.

"Aquillian system is clear." The first officer responds, looking over the radar tech's shoulder. "Nothing on radar…Wait. Unknown vessel detected."

"Put is on the main screen." The captain said.

The science officer complied and the image shifted from the fifth planet of the system to the unknown vessel. The vessel was disked shaped, but large bumps rose out of the top and bottom. Strange projections spiked out of the hull at uneven distances.

"Captain, the computer cannot identify the vessel. It is 1.5 kilometers in diameter. The sensors cannot penetrate the hull and a massive energy source is emanating from it." The science officer reported.

"Open hailing frequencies." Reid said.

"No response." The comtech said.

"Send a HPG message to Terran Command. Tell of the unknown ship and send all data." Reid ordered.

"Yes sir." The comtech replied. "Sir, there is heavy interference."

"What is the source." The captain asked.

"The alien vessel." The comtech stated.

"Captain, jump gates forming behind the vessel." The nervous voice of the tactical officer said.

"How many."



Outside the ship, space warped and bent in on its self. Seven funnels formed and out of the gates came more ships, all identical to the first one. The seven arriving ships took up station round the human ship, while the first maintained its current position.


"Captain, they are hailing us."

"Put it on the main screen." The captain ordered. "This is the Terran Alliance destroyer Rastag to unidentified craft."

A view of the alien appeared on the main screen. The alien was gray; short, with a huge head and large black eyes. In the background, taller green and purple humanoids with rippling muscles could be seen.

"Jesus Christ." The captain mutter. "Sectoids and Mutons." The Skyspawn are back. Send the HGP message now!"

Energy could be seen charging the unknown projections and all the ships converge closer to the Rastag. A tech yelled, "Captain, weapons charging" just before hell broke loose.

All eight ships fired balls of pure green energy. The terran craft took all the hits and disintegrated. The ship blew up as all the oxygen caught fire and burned instantly, incinerating the crew. The explosion threw massive amour plating, circuits, and human bodies in every direction.

The alien ships, already forgetting the terran craft, engaged jump gates and disappeared in to the night.