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A beeping console alerts a technician and gets her attention. Placing a call, she waits. Five minutes later, a man in a military uniform enters. He is tall, dark haired, and has a dark skin color.

"Are they awake?" The man asked.

"Yes." The technician responded. "The revival procedure is almost finished."

"Good." The man said.

The two looked though the large glass window and watched. Soon a lid in the cryogenic chamber opened, followed by several more. The first out was a man with tan skin. Behind him came two identical men, brothers in fact. Three other men emerged from the cryo-tubes. They all were wearing white shorts and dripping from bio-nutrient solution.

"Clean them up and send them to the briefing room." The man ordered.

"Yes sit." The woman said.

The six men in the cryo-room began a very heated discussion.

"Who is the asshole that spiked my beer?" Matt said, holding his head because of a massive headache.

"I don't know, but I am going to kill the sun of a bitch that did this?" Billy said, with his own headache.

"Matt, you never could hold your liquor." Chris stated.

"Shut up, all of you." Adam ordered. "Stop complaining."

They all looked at each other. Everybody seemed to be fine, other then headaches ranging from minimal to the extreme. Daniel and Pierre both had the worst pain, gripping their heads and hissing in pain.

Chris shook bio-nutrient out of his brown hair and asked his twin brother, "You okay, Daniel?"

"No." Daniel replied harshly. "I feel like I have an Annihilator roaring though my head."

"That’s nothing." Pierre said. "I had an Overspawn step on me."

"I feel fine." Chris said.

"Does anybody ember what happened?" Adam asked.

"We were all celebrating the destruction of the Dimension Gate Generator." Matt said. "Next thing I know, we are here."

"Where is the hell is here?" Billy said, stating the big question.

"Cydoina Base." A female voice at the door said.

All six men turned to the sound at the door. The figure stepped into the room and Matt's jaw dropped. It was the hottest blonde in a nurse uniform that Matt had ever seen and she was causing his head to spin.

"Good morning." She said. "My name is Rachel. I have a pain killer for those head aches."

She walked towards Daniel and placed a hypospray against his neck. With a hiss of air, Daniel relaxed the grip on his head. She then turned Pierre and did the same to him.

"Now, please follow me." Rachel said.

The six men followed her out the door and into a grav-lift. While moving up dozens of floors, Chris asked, "Wasn't Cydonia destroyed in the First Alien War?"

"Yes, it was." Rachel said. "This base was built on the remains of Cydonia."

The lift stopped and Rachel got out. The six men followed, Matt watching her every move. When Rachel stopped, Matt walked into Pierre.

"You can clean up and find a uniform in here." Rachel said. "You have half an hour."

Chris, Adam, and Daniel walked into the room. Inside were a dozen shower stalls and the far wall had lockers. They walked over to the lockers and names on them. Matt, Pierre, and Billy walked in with huge grins on their faces.

"Horny bastards." Chris muttered as he stepped into a shower and an opaque force field shimmered over the doorway. "Pretty sophisticated for a shower."

"Anybody know how to turn these on?" Daniel asked. When a low humming from the showerhead started. "What the hell is that?"

"That is a sonic shower head?" A female voice from the wall mount said.

"What are you?" Daniel asked.

"The base computer." The voice said. "What would you like?"

"A hot shower." Daniel said, smiling. "The others would prefer a cold water."

"As you wish." The computer said.

Daniel heard yells and vulgar curses. He chuckled and washed himself. 10 minutes later, they were done.

"Ahh…guys, who is getting out first." Billy said.

"By rank of seniority." Adam said, getting out and putting on his uniform.


Twenty minutes later, they were finished. Exiting the locker room in plain gray fatigues, they waited. Nurse Rachel returned with a brunet woman.

"This is Ensign Morgan." Rachel said. "She will escort you to the briefing room. I have other duties to perform, but I will see you later." Rachel said and left.

"This way please." Morgan said, guiding them to another grav-lift. Matt's eyes never left her figure.

"Briefing Room 03, Omega-Blue." Morgan said to the computer.

The lift took the seven people up dozens of floors. Other people were stopped in the lift, omega-blue being a priority clearance. Two minutes later, they stopped on a new floor and walked out. A long hallway stretched in either direction, broken only by large windows with the Martian surface on the far side of the hallway.

Morgan walked down the hall to the right and stopped after fifty feet. "Inside." She ordered.

The six men went into the room. Morgan walked back the way she came. Matt watched her from the doorway.

"That is my daughter." A male voice said.

Matt turned at the sound of the voice and saw a man sitting at the opposite end of the table. He was dark skinned and had dark hair. The man wore a red and black uniform with gold braid around his left shoulder.

"Ahh, sorry." Matt said and sat down quickly.

"I am Admiral John Morgan." The one man said, "and this is Doctor Yamato." He said, pointing to an Asian man to his right.

"What the hell is going on?" Adam demanded.

"To start off." Admiral Morgan said. "You were cryogenically frozen. The purpose was to have somebody to deal with an alien crisis, it one was to occur." Morgan continued. "You were in suspended animation for 157 years and a crisis has occurred."

Cries of outrage and anger rose from the six. Everyone quickly quieted down and Adam asked, "Why us?"

"You all had the most combat experience, were the best at what you did, and were the only ones to survive the great explosion of the Gate Generator." Morgan said.

"We can't do anything about that, so what the hell happened that you had to wake us?" Daniel asked.

"Three months ago, the Essex class destroyer Rastag was destroyed by unknown forces." Miller stated. "Two months ago, the Lerann race send us the last transmission of the Rastag."

"What's a Lerran?" Billy asked.

"An allied alien race." Yamato said. "One of half a dozen that are friendly. The other nine range from neutral to hostile."

"So, even after all these years." Chris said. "The human race can still piss off people."

"Yes." Morgan said angrily. "The transmission showed who destroyed the Rastag. I will let Dr. Yamato explain."

Dr. Yamato stepped up to the wall screen and activated it. "When we examined the transmission, it was heavy distorted. But this is what we got."

The wall screen showed an image of a short, gray humanoid figure with a large head and large black eyes with no pupil.

"Wow, she is one hot hybrid." Pierre said, whistling.

"No." Yamato said. "A sectoid. They were the first aliens encountered by man during the First Alien War.

"The Starspawn are back." Morgan stated quickly.

"Couldn't any of your forces deal with the threat?" Chris asked.

"Yes, five times and all destroyed." Morgan said bitterly. "The best of the fleet could not stop them. The aliens have attacked several outposts and research facilities, killing all life.

"What are we to do?" Adam asked.

"You are to defend the Frontier where the aliens are most active." Morgan said.

"To accomplish that, you are to be given some of our most advanced technology we have." Yamato said. "To use the technology, we will have to do some medical surgery."

"What kind of surgery?" Pierre asked.

"To use the new technology, you will need a cyber-jack." Yamato said. "The cyber-jack will is direct neural link to the mind and allows you to respond faster and do more complicated maneuvers just by thinking."

"Is it safe." Billy asked.


"Anymore questions?" Morgan asked the men.

"Where is the rest of the platoon." Matt demanded.

"Shortly after the last battle, there was civil unrest." Morgan said. "The Cult of Sirius stirred up the population of Mega-Primus. The Mutant Alliance and S.E.L.F. organizations were targets of racial attacks. It heated up to where most of the androids in Mega-Primus were destroyed defending the hybrids. The hybrids hijacked several experimental interstellar transports from Transtellar and disappeared out of the solar system. Only a few dozen androids and several hundred sympathetic humans went with them, including the last two humans of your platoon; who managed to avoid capture and cryo-freezing.

"Oh." Matt said.

"Please come with me then." Yamato said. "You need to be prepped for surgery."

The X-Com troopers got up and followed Yamato to the medical-bay.