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ďMany retailers erroneously believe that their objective is to make a profit and fail to realize that a profit is the result of having produced goods or services that are so satisfactory that the customer is willing to pay a bonus, or a profit, over the and above the distributors cost!Ē

Go shopping in a supermarket where the customer is the focus, and itís hard to resist exchanging pleasantries with the employees, lingering over the displays, spending some extra dollars. Push your cart into a supermarket where profit comes first, and your primary motivation becomes getting out of there as quickly as possible, preferably without having to talk to any of those surly people wearing aprons!

So which store will look better on the bottom line? Thatís the type of thing that is hard to measure, but itís interesting to consider that thinking about customers may be the best way to bring money in and thinking about money may be the best way to chase customers out!

We as employees are our employer's greatest asset and always will be. If we support each other as individuals and communicate openly and honestly while demonstrating compassion for our fellow associates, we will build trust and display integrity in our actions as well as our words. We should provide every opportunity for professional growth and enrichment. We should accept nothing less from ourselves or our other associates.

I believe what will ultimately make the difference in customer service, is "OUR ATTITUDE" that says we care and a strong commitment to every action and business decision we make. Our unique talents and strengths as individuals form a team that takes pride in serving our customers.