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* New to Petz F-A-Q *

New to Petz 3? Don't understand what everyone is talking about? Need some answers?? Well, you've come to the right place! Below are some of the most commonly asked questions about Petz, and the answers!

- What is "hexed" or "hexing"?
Hexing is editing a file using a hex editer. It involves numbers & special codes. You use it to hex paint or hex edit. It can be done to either .pet files or breed files.

- I just downloaded a dog, and I can't find him, HELP! What do I do?
All petz downloaded must go into your C:\Program Files\PF Magic\Petz 3\Adopted Petz folder, without the program running!

- How do I send my petz/pics to other people?
You need to send it as an attachment in an email.

-Where can I get hexed breedz & can I make them myself?
You can find hexed breedz on various sites across the net, but if you want a list of those sites, try the search engine on Silver's Petz Site and search for the feature "Hexed Breedz-P3". And yes, you can make your own breedz, with alot of patience, effort, and a Hex Editor. It took me a while to understand it, but it's fun! You can see what I've made on the hexed thingz page!

-Are there hexed playscenes?
Sorry, but there are none that I am aware of, only wallpaper for the playpen. Just wait, and PF Magic will come up with some, soon enough.

-What is up with all of those breedz in the adoption center?!?

Well, some hackers have found a way to upload their own hexed breedz. Those breedz are not made by PF Magic, but by hexers. You'll need special files to work them.

-How often does PF Magic come out with downloads?
About once a month!

- How do you get spas/kennels/hotels?
These are all services offered by people, not something you can just download, sorry! Most people have websites for them, look around & you'll find some, it gives you a good idea!

- How do you make a website?
Sorry, but I can not help you there, with a step-by-step, but I can suggest a wonderful place to get started: Silver's Petz Site Starting Out Page

Well, that's it for now, I'll add more as I see fit!